The GVSU Advertising Club is a student organization devoted to helping current or prospective students with their future careers in advertising.

We aim to bridge that ominous gap between college life and professional life. We regularly host a variety of speakers from across the industry to give our members a taste of the ad industry. Members have the opportunity to tour and visit real advertising firms and network with real industry professionals throughout the year.

GVSU Advertising Club is non-exclusive and welcoming to any interested students. We encourage you to become a member of our organization, but non-members are welcome to attend events as well for a small fee. Your first meeting of the year is completely free!

GVSU Advertising Club Fees

Semester Membership: $25

Year Round Membership: $40

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Access to all Ad Club events including,
  • Agency Tours
  • Professional Workshops
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Networking Events
  • & much more!

GVSU Ad Club fee for Non-Members: $5