Google Analytics: Inside and Out

By Dan Goubert

Plenty of students, myself included, would love to land a job at Google. Whether or not we actually land a job there amongst the thousands of daily applicants, Google’s extensive line of web apps and tools will doubtlessly influence our future careers and continued education.

While the plethora of digital marketing opportunities afforded to us through Google’s various tools and platforms may seem intimidating, Grand Valley Advertising Club members were lucky enough to meet two friendly, knowledgeable faces who can guide them through the seeming googolplex of data points that are out there in “the Googleverse.” Both our speakers, Sean Murphy and Dino Baskovic, provided us with advice on the internal and external aspects of Google Analytics.

Sean’s Insight

Sean, a recent GVSU Ad/PR graduate and current Google Business Analyst, swiftly guided us through an ideological overview of how Google uses multi-screen approaches, intelligent trend tracking, and cross-platform cohesion to provide relevant, interest-based messaging for its millions of active users—as well as valuable insights for the marketers trying to reach a millennial demographic whose members are as digitally native as the Pokémon they’re all caught up catching.   

Sean continued by introducing us to Google Brand Lift, an easy to overlook, yet incredibly valuable tool for quantifying engagement metrics that would otherwise be too abstract: brand recall, consumer–brand identity alignment, purchase consideration or intent, and much more. Brand Lift can allow savvy digital marketers to adjust messaging on the fly and bring the era of catastrophic campaign tanking to an end.



Dino’s Take

After Sean’s window into life at Google, GVSU Professor Dino Baskovic took the stage to share how Google Analytics can improve our own professional lives. Tasked with covering a career’s worth of content in only a half hour, Dino deftly maneuvered through Google Analytics’ interface, providing glimpses into source attribution and “digital stalker” levels of path tracking. This is the only time stalking is actually acceptable and put into professional practice. “You can watch people go from A to B to C” and adjust your overall strategy for your website accordingly to get your customers drawn towards your website.

Dino finished by advising us to get certified in 
Google Analytics, not only so that we can learn more about advanced segmentation, but also so that we can have a shiny certification that’ll make our resumes stand out in a potential pile of thousands. For those who want to dabble with their own mad scientist Analytics experiments, Dino showed how to either install Analytics tracking code on our own WordPress sites or to use Google’s handy-dandy demo.



More reasons why you should get Google Analytic Certified

  1. “88% of all global internet users are reached through google” – Sean
  2. It is completely free and can be taken on your own time
  3. Looks fantastic on your resume

After digesting all these insightful information given by our two professional speakers, you should be more than inspired to jump right into the Google Analytics world. Having the ability to utilize such a monumental platform is an extremely useful skill to acquire, and both Sean and Dino made that clear to us during their presentations. On behalf of the entire Advertising Club, I want to thank Sean and Dino for turning the mountainous task of Analytics education into a considerably more molehill-esque endeavor.

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