Choosing Advertising – Part 1

By Jordan Gettel

It is estimated that we are exposed to over 5,000 ads on a daily basis. 5,000 times for a person’s thoughts, lifestyle, and choices to be persuaded. If advertising agencies and corporations have that power of persuasion, then why are they not seen as a more serious career path?

Those in the creative fields seem to have to defend themselves more times than any other industry, but why? Why has there been such a stigma around creative fields and the scariness of pursuing a degree in one?

The uncertainty?

The social standing?

Whatever the reason may be, there needs to be a diminishment of that thought because without the creative fields we wouldn’t have powerful images and messages that compel us to act. We’d be confined to our bubble of expression and knowledge rather than a world of expression and knowledge.

This power of persuasion is what prompted me to pursue a degree in Advertising. There is nothing more awe-inspiring than being able to transform an individual’s way of thinking through visuals, words, and/or music. That. That is why I am pursuing a degree in Advertising.

Without advertising, we wouldn’t have ‘The Most Interesting Man’.

We wouldn’t have Wassup (Budweiser)

Or ‘All-State stands, are you in good hands?’

Or ‘Just Do It’

Or ‘Got Milk?’

These slogans and phrases have defined different moments in time of American culture. If we lived in a life without advertising than there would be no creativity, and it would be next to impossible to learn about any product or business. 

I selected advertising because it allows me to make a difference in an individual’s life in the most intimate way possible. I will continue to defend my degree until society begins to understand that creative career paths are an option. They are just as optional as not going to college at all, or aspiring to be a doctor.

Be risky. Take chances. It’s okay to pursue a degree that may be a little uncertain. If you’re truly passionate about it, it will outweigh any doubts that you have. Go after that degree that will make you happy, not those around you, because you want to build a career; not a job.

About Me


My name is Jordan and I’m overly obsessed with animals and traveling. I’m a junior at GVSU studying Advertising & Public Relations. I’m currently learning to navigate my studies into my professional life, in order to create a career path within the advertising world.

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