4 Holiday Themed Interactive Advertisements

By Hailey Kilbarger

Ready or not; here comes the holiday season! Whether you’re shopping for great deals with Aunt Sue, or watching the Ohio State football game with your family, you’re bound to come across some unique and cheesy holiday ads.

SPOILER ALERT: You’re about to see 4 interactive holiday ads that are so good, it will require you to grab yourself a cup of eggnog and sit down.

  1.     Starbucks for Life

If you are not a Starbucks Reward member, you are missing out. The Starbucks for Life Sweepstakes is taking place as we speak! If you are unfamiliar with this awesome game that comes around a few times a year, check out how it works!

This interactive ad is great because it gets people involved and having fun with the Starbucks brand. Since you have to be a rewards member in order to participate, it creates a level of exclusivity that intrigues other customers. It also leads to more sales because people are buying drinks in order to participate.

  1.      The Body Shop’s advent calendar

Counting down the last 24 days until Christmas, it was a smart move for The Body Shop to set up this ad outside of one of their London storefronts. They created this interactive ad to spread awareness of their store’s 2015 Beauty Advent Calendar. Any person who interacted with it received a special offer from their store.  

  1.     IKEA’s Christmas Setting

Have your stockings been hung by the chimney with care?
Is everyone hoping St. Nick will be there?
No matter how much holiday cheer you bring,
Your family will know IKEA has everything.

Interactive Video: IKEA created a Christmas Setting video made just for you and your family. Not only is it fun, but it also demonstrates how many of IKEA’s products can fit into your home during the holiday.

  1.  Ebay’s unique way of giving back

The tradition of exchanging gifts is highly anticipated every year. It is easy to forget the true meaning of the holidays, which is to come together and help those in need.

Back in 2011, eBay teamed up with Toys for Tots and made the act of giving back a whole lot easier. They created an interactive storefront in both New York and San Francisco, which drew a large crowd. This interactive ad gave people the ability to make a donation directly from their cell phones.

You never know when or where these interactive ads may appear. It could be in line with your aunt at her favorite store, or while you’re watching a college football game. Advertisers know that they can’t rely on just traditional ads anymore. They have to think outside the box, and one way to do that is to make it interactive.


Hailey Kilbarger is a junior at Grand Valley where she is currently majoring in Advertising and Public Relations.  She has always loved creating logos and advertisements since she was a little girl. She loves to learn as well as travel whenever she can. She is planning on studying abroad in Spain this winter semester in order to complete her Spanish minor. She is also minoring in Applied Statistics. In her free-time, Hailey enjoys finding and hanging out at unique little coffee shops.

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