Ad Club’s Eboard: A Family in the Making

By Courtney Lang

Elections for the 2017-18 Eboard are coming up, and we want you to come join the family.

Here are the reasons you should consider applying for each position, coming directly from the person currently holding it on the board:

President – Rachael Vruggink

rachaelFor the second year in a row, I’ve acted as the GVSU Advertising Club President, where I’ve
been responsible for helping manage club events and activities like general assembly meetings, agency tours, and professional development workshops.

For those considering filling my shoes next year, you should do it because you care. You care about the people who come to you asking for advice or help to figure out what they should do with their degree. You should care about bringing in the best mentors, speakers, and opportunities to the club. And you should care about building up those around you. If you’re one of those people who cares a whole lot and loves what the advertising industry is all about, you should apply.

Vice President – Mari Behovitz

For anyone looking for a leadership marirole, this would be a good one. The Vice President position really allows you to get an idea of what project management is like and offers the opportunity to collaborate with all of the other executive board members.

My favorite part of being on the board is working closely with some of my highly motivated peers. Our executive board is filled with some very hardworking people and their level of motivation always inspires me to work even harder.

Secretary & Blogging Chair – Courtney Lang

headshot3You may remember me as the person you sign in with every Ad Club meeting or the one that posts on LinkedIn everytime a new blog post comes out. That’s because I am both the Secretary and Blogger’s Chair for this amazing club.

If you are organized and love meeting new people then the Secretary position may be for you; however, if you love to write and editing blog posts about the advertising industry, then you should definitely consider the Blogging Chair.

When it comes to being on the board, it has definitely been one of my highlights here at Grand Valley. We look out for each other, and I know for a fact that we always will. We truly are a family.

Membership Director – Dan Goubert

As the Membership Director, I do, well…danwhatever I think is necessary to recruit, retain, and delight Advertising Club members. I coordinate weekly presentations and newsletters, ideate fun ways to inform or spotlight members—both present and future—and yes, I pursue my true passion of hanging club posters. I hope you could hear the sarcasm in that last one.

What I love about this position is its flexibility: the position is whatever you make it, so if you want a role that will be a blank canvas for your creativity and initiative, apply to be Membership Director. More importantly, I love being on the board in any capacity. Like a well-oiled machine or game of Mousetrap, we function as one, and we’ve become great friends in the process.

And getting a say in what pizza, pop, or doughnuts we bring to each meeting is just another happy perk of the job.

Events Chair – Alex Rabideau

alexI helped plan all of our major events, which were: Career Compass, Speed Mentoring, and Creative Crawl. This usually consisted of me emailing different professionals and agencies and see who can and can’t show up. I worked a lot with AdFed, the professional advertising club, as we co-hosted a ton of events with them.

My favorite part about being on the board? That’s pretty easy! The Christmas meeting required us to go thrift shopping to find all of our different “products” for students to advertise. Watching a group figure out how to advertise a “Fill-a-bowl” was probably one of the funniest things this year. If you want to be creative and plan fun events for our club to do, this is definitely the position for you.

Treasurer – Alex Knaisel

I took over the treasurer position last alex2summer and have been raising money and keeping track of our Ad Club account and card ever since. I help make final decisions involving budget, events, and even future Ad Club swag.

My favorite part of being on the board is the support and connections I’ve gained from getting to know my fellow Ad Club members and the guests we bring in. Apply for my position because I want the club to continue to succeed- and it’ll help if we have a decent budget!

Graphic Design Chair – Joey Parks

coffe-smileAs someone who hasn’t had the chance to study graphic design in academics, these tasks have been great exercises in stretching my design skills and experiences. I have created many posters, web graphics, and even some print assets for ad club’s speakers and networking events. Each of these projects aim to strengthen ad club’s visual identity, as well as visually depict the topics and concepts addressed in our meetings.

It has been amazing to work with an eboard filled with such fantastic people. Everyone on the board is encouraging, smart, and talented. Even if you don’t feel like a great designer, definitely consider getting involved with the clubs graphics. You will learn so much by just trying (I sure have).

Communications Director – Hannah Ketelhut

This past year was my first year on 12278927_10208147293148864_458025247269092242_nE-Board, but my second as a member. My role is to communicate with members via social media, email, and that beautiful bulletin board of ours that’s hanging in the halls of Lake Superior (if you haven’t seen it – stop by for this month’s updates!).

I have loved serving on the E-Board this past year and collaborating with the other board members to create fun, as well as helpful, events and meetings for our beloved members. I’ve enjoyed learning more about social media and digging deeper into it (p.s. I now have a social media internship – thanks, Ad Club!). I’ve learned so much from not only my position but also from the other E-Board members who bring unique ideas and insights to the table each Monday night.

I’ve learned so much from not only my position but also from the other E-Board members who bring unique ideas, and insights to the table every Monday night.

Communications Co-Chair – Lauren Lesniak

lauren2One of the best experiences that I have had being on the board, is the mass amount of networking and knowledge I have accumulated from this year alone.  Having the chance to hear from different professionals within the field has helped me enhance my overall understanding outside the traditional classroom setting.  

While serving as Communications co-chair, I found the experience with the board as a whole to be very enjoyable. From the very start, everyone was so warm and welcoming.

More than half of our eboard is graduating this year, so that means every position is open for grabs. Don’t let such an incredible opportunity pass you by. 

If for some reason you have other commitments and don’t have the time to be on the eboard, consider joining our Committee.

Here’s what they have to say:

Committee quotes:

Ad club is the most rewarding club I’ve been in because it has helped me build a professional image for myself. It has allowed me to make connections with people I would have never met otherwise and helped me learn more about the advertising field outside of the classroom. I enjoy being able to engage with a community of students that inspire me to be more professional. Rachel Britton

I have been able to meet so many professionals and hear real-life insights into what a career in Advertising is all about. I also have been able to polish up my writing skills by writing my own blog. Additionally, I have been able to connect with tons of like-minded students who have the same goals and dreams that I do.  – Danielle Talbot

I really do enjoy writing blogs. As a person who enjoys writing, it is nice to be able to do it for something other than a grade. On top of that, I enjoy all the guest speakers that come in and share with us all about what it is actually like to work in the advertising field. Plus, it gives us the ability to network with such great people and gain valuable experience.  – Jordon Gettel

I had the opportunity to write a blog post for Ad Club that hasn’t been published yet, but it has been exciting having the chance to practice writing one in such a professional style. Also, the opportunities I’ve had to interact with professionals on Twitter and connecting on LinkedIn has been phenomenal. – Evan LaVigne

If you have any further questions regarding the eboard or the committee, please feel free to reach out to any one of us on the current board or our incredible advisor Robin Spring

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