Opportunity Knocks: The AdFed Internship

By Courtney Lang

There’s nothing like working with the top advertising professionals for an entire year and receiving school credit. Believe it or not, that’s exactly what you would be doing if you became an intern with AdFed. I know you won’t just take my word for it, so here are five reasons why you should apply for AdFed’s internship today.

1. One internship, three programs


As an AdFed Intern, you will rotate between three different committees: programs/events, membership, and communications.

The programs/events committee will allow you to become more involved in the American Advertising Awards, aka “ADDY’s,” Speed Mentoring, Creative Crawl, Ads & Ales, and speaker events.

The membership committee gives you the chance to learn to invite and retain new members. You will also create value for members, assist with a membership list and so much more.

Finally, during your time working with the communications team, you will help create messaging, write copy, create collateral, assist with website updates and social media, and help keep members informed.

In addition to these three committees, you will also have the option to become more involved in recruiting sponsorships for clubs/events. If you follow through on sponsorship promises, then you will receive 10% commission for everyone you recruit.

2. School credit

When you’re an advertising major at Grand Valley, you are required to complete one three-credit internship, and this one does just that.

3. Great hours

You are only required to complete 18 hours per month, from September 1st through May 1st. There will be several additional service opportunities for you, in addition to your internship program, but they are not required. 

4. Free admission to all AAF West Michigan Programming events


Yes, you read that right, you will get exclusive access to the best events around. This includes: the American Advertising Awards, aka “ADDY’s,” Speed Mentoring, Creative Crawl, Ads & Ales, and speaker events.

During the ADDY’s, you will have the opportunity to work behind the scenes to assist in planning and running this 3-layered (regional, district, national) event. Not only will you get to see your fellow students compete, but you will also get to see the work of some of the top professionals in the industry. Furthermore, you will be able to meet the judges, and they aren’t just chosen out of a hat. These judges were handpicked based on their influence and expertise within the advertising industry and flown to the West Michigan area just for this event.

If the ADDY’s didn’t already have you jumping up and down with excitement, then how about free admission to Advertising Club’s Speed Mentor and Creative Crawl events? Speed Mentoring gives you the opportunity to talk to professionals in every genre of advertising for roughly five minutes. This event was so popular last year that we just had to bring it back, and you won’t want to miss it. But then there’s Creative Crawl which gives you the opportunity to tour multiple agencies in one day. Don’t let such an incredible opportunity pass you by.

Then there’s Ads & Ales, where you will have the opportunity to travel to different locations every month. You will be able to meet and talk advertising with current industry professionals.

5. Easy to Apply

It only takes three steps to apply for this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

  1. List at least one professor who would recommend you for the internship position
  2. Write a short 250-word essay explaining why you should be chosen to be an AdFed Intern
  3. Fill out an application

There you have it, five reasons why you should take advantage of this opportunity and apply to be an AdFed Intern. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply tonight and experience the real world of advertising first hand.

I’m sorry for my excessive use of the word “opportunity,” but it really IS an opportunity.


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