Snapchat Advertising: A New Way To Reach Millennials

By Danielle Talbot

Snapchat has developed a whole new way of communicating with friends. It allows users to share short and consumable content that is only available for one to ten seconds. It’s like Twitter and Youtube combined.

Snapchat is not meant to be used to sell a product or service. It is used to engage with consumers and develop relationships with them. In fact, Snapchat reaches 41% of all Millennials (18-34) in the United States every single day. Millennials have quickly become core consumers that a lot of brands are trying to appeal to, and this platform is one way to do so.

Engaging with Millennials 

No one really looks for sponsored content, so how do you engage your target audience with Snapchat?

A lot of brands face challenges in figuring out who they are trying to reach, how to reach them, and how to keep them engaged. When doing any form of advertising, you have to keep the consumer top-of-mind throughout the entire process.

SO remember, your typical consumer on Snapchat looks a lot like this:


Yes, that’s me, and people like me who are on Snapchat don’t want long drawn out ads. We want short, funny, and consumable content that we can possibly share with others.

With that in mind, what should your content look like?

It should be fun, creative, and educational. With an emphasis on FUN. Content has to be short and digestible when using this platform. Consumers also value brands who can be authentic and real. It makes them feel more personable and less like a brand.

There are so many features at your disposal on Snapchat… Use them!

Snap Lenses: Whether it’s puppy dog ears or voice changing facial feature enhancers, lenses are a big part of what makes Snapchat such a fun platform. One-third of Snap users play with filters each day. Creating a sponsored filter is a great way to get your brand noticed.  

Tap feature: Have people help “build” something or unveil something. You can draw a button that makes it seem all the more real.

Screenshot: Create content that people will want to save and share. You can create mobile wallpapers for your consumers; games, polls, and more! EX: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Screenshot one of the following to vote!

Memories: With this feature, you can upload your audiences snaps and use it for video snaps, interviews, and so much more. This is great for user-generated content.

Stickers: Create brand related stickers for people to cut out with the snipping tool and then use in their own content.

Press and share: This encourages the consumer to share your content with their friends.

Chat: Use this to ask questions and encourage conversation.

Music: Use music to create soundtracks for your story. Opening sounds, transitions, dramatic moments, etc.

Geo-filters: You can create geo-filters and pinpoint them to any geographical location for a period of time. When users are in that location, your geo-filter will appear on the app for them to use.

Link: Now, you can link any website to a snap. Use this feature and direct your viewers to swipe up to take them to the desired web page, or even use it to link polls and other fun content. Polly Fun is a fun and user-friendly place to create polls to link in your snaps to help engage consumers.


A lot can go into making a snap story that will capture your audience’s attention. They can be a lot of work for only being a few seconds long. The best way to make sure you aren’t wasting any time is to create a storyboard of your ideas before you create them on Snap. Some websites even allow you to download a free storyboard template.

BTW, Shaun Ayala is a snap genius. Follow him (@ShaunAyala) for inspiration, tips, and tricks. You can also follow us (@gvadclub). We are utilizing Snapchat this year at our events to help keep those who can’t attend in the loop.  

Remember, content should not be about you and your brand. It’s about your audience. Encourage them to participate. Don’t just give them something to watch, give them something to experience.   


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