DVS: A Digital ADventure

By Meg Scott

Ad Club recently took a trip to DVS, which is a full-service Digital Marketing Communications Agency with a strong focus on Design + Innovation. It began serving Grand Rapids in 1993.   

Members were welcomed with refreshments and snacks once they arrived, having the opportunity to mingle and explore the office all shortly before the agency would sit down and have one on one with Ad Club members.

Everyone then grabbed a seat and the DVS team began. Paul E. La Vigne, DVS President, introduced us to the team that stayed after work to meet us. They shared who they were, a marketing & production company that works in-house, and what they do on a daily basis. What makes this team unique is how all the different jobs blend with one another and what was quite visible to see was their unique team dynamic.


After the lowdown on who we were meeting with, members then learned about DVS’s returning clients – Amway, Meijer, Steelcase, Goodwill, Wolverine Worldwide, and many more. Paul introduced and shared three case studies to showcase the team’s work: Varipro, Amway “Power of 5”, and Stiles.

Paul then started to show us his account in a game DVS created in 2015. The game is called Santa’s Helper DVS. It is a simple game where people can collect candy canes, make presents and buy elf’s to build a town. Originally launched to help give money for Toys for Tots, it is now up and running again for people to enjoy and play.

Another sweet product we got to see was the ODL door. The door was created to show different glass designs to consumers to see digitally which one they would like most. It was created as an interactive package with information, QR code. The QR code can track exposure, which design was most popular, and which contains a link to a website for consumers to make purchases. Paul said the door is an experimental form of advertising and marketing, which could sometimes simply be just a digital screen in a door.

The presentation was finished up with Q & A. Students got some really good insight from the DVS team about school coursework relating to agency life, agency life as a whole, and digital marketing. 

Advertising Club would like to thank DVS for allowing us to tour their agency.



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