Top 5 2018 Super Bowl Commercials

By Courtney Lang

Approximately 111.3 million people watched the 2018 Super Bowl. Of those millions of people, I would not be surprised if a majority of them were more excited to see the commercials than the actual game. Well, at least all of the advertising and public relations professionals were. 

Victoria Walenga tweeted, “I only watch the Superbowl for the ads – every APR person I’ve ever met #APRSB” (@victoriawalenga).

That’s exactly why Grand Valley’s Advertising Club set up a twitter chat using #APRSB (Advertising/Public Relations Superbowl) to bring together a community of people who where only there for the commercials. You can call us extra, but this is our day to geek out. There were so many of us tweeting with #APRSB that it was trending in Grand Rapids.

With over 50 commercials of the top brands in the world and millions of dollars at risk, companies really have to step up their game. Some did, and some were lost in the crowd. With the input of a few other advertising and public relations addicts, I was able to compile a list of the top 5 2018 Superbowl commercials.

5.) M & M 

“I don’t think M&M’s could have picked a better person than @DannyDeVito for that commercial #aprsb” ( @MikeInTheMix ).

Mike couldn’t have been more right. The use of celebrities can either make or break a brand, and boy did they make it. Danny embodied the perfect red M&M and left their audience wanting more.

4.) Hyundai

Hyundai spent millions to tell the world that by purchasing a car with them they are actually helping people who are sick. There is no doubt their commercial touched so many hearts.

Madison Puhy said it perfectly, “Okay @hyundai I’m not crying, you’re crying. Nicely done. #APRSB” ( @Madason_Marie ).

3.) Alexa

Such a wide range of celebrity power and it paid off. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want Gordon Ramsay critiquing their food or Rebel Wilson setting the mood for them. As GVSU PRSSA put it, the “Amazon Alexa commercial seamlessly showcased product features while being interesting and funny! #APRSB” ( @GV_PRSSA ).

2.) Tide 

Repetition is key and Tide is the perfect example of it. They single-handedly took over their industry in one night by making every single commercial with clean clothes look like a Tide Ad. The Superbowl was seriously “brought to you by… tide, & tide, & tide #TideAd @tide #APRSB” ( @emgagnon_567 ).

1.) Doritos #spitfire and Mountain Dew #icecold

There’s no question Doritos and Mountain Dew took home the gold with this commercial. It was funny, unique, and memorable. Who wouldn’t love a commercial that had both Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage “singing” in it? They even encouraged engagement through the use of hashtags. They did their research and it paid off.

Advertising club did a poll at the end of the commercial and found that 60% of 17 people were on team #spitfire, the other 40% were on team #icecold ( @gvadclub ).

There you have it. The top 5 2018 Super Bowl commercials. Do you agree with my list, or did I miss one of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below and we can discuss it.

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