The Start of a New Year

On Tuesday Sept 11th we conducted our first Ad Club meeting of the year. Those in attendance were forced to put up with our silly telephone antics and other shenanigans, but everything turned out okay in the end. Ultimately because of the free pizza and free memberships. Most importantly we welcomed everyone to the start of the new year! We already have so much planned out and we want every single person to be more invested in the club. We don’t care if 100 people show up to a meeting or just 5, our goal is to turn our attention to regular members and make the Ad Club environment as friendly as possible, We want our members to connect with professionals and here is how we plan on achieving that.


But before we get into all of that we NEED you to follow all of our social media. How else will you know what we are up to?

Text @gvsuadclub to 81010 to receive updates straight to your phone, you’ll never miss an event!

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and of course be sure to watch our blog for weekly fun posts!


Finally here is a quick rundown of our fall events

On September 25th we will be having our recent graduates panel. This is the perfect way to view how alumni start their careers fresh from GV and can also be great insight into what you want to do with your degree. Get your questions ready for a fun night!


On October 4th we will be having our Career Compass at Rockford Construction Co in Grand Rapids. Going along with our alumni panel, this will give you the chance to hear from the industry’s best professionals from creative copywriters to savvy media planners. There are really so many professions in the field of advertising and this panel will help expand your knowledge. Of course it wouldn’t be a panel with some lively Q & A.


October 9th Design Thinking Academy will be conducting a seminar on how to solve problems in the advertising field. We will be answering questions relating to brands and products and learning a variety of skills using critical thinking and problem solving.

Oct 23rd is our Graphic Design Workshop where will be bringing in a professional to teach (it’ll be fun, we promise) us the basics of graphic design. If you know nothing about graphic design or you’re already well versed, it should be a fun experience.

On October 26th we will visit Chicago. Do I really need to convince you any more? We will be taking a full day trip to tour agencies and will get some hands on experience of what its like in the field. Plus its a beautiful city and an excuse to get away from life on campus.

November 6th and 13th we will be attending and talking about the ADDY’S. What the heck is an ADDY? Basically an Emmy for Advertisers. The best part is anyone can win. In fact in the past, Ad Club members have won. Just contact anyone on the E-Board and they can tell you the details.

Dan won one. You can too.

November 14th we have our Speed Mentoring event. This is where you get a shining chance at a 1v1 confrontation with a professional to ask them anything. Its not as scary as it sounds, its actually a great way to learn about the profession.

Then we end the semester with a wonderful Holiday Party. Get ready for festivities, games, and food. A great way to end the semester


Yeah there’s a lot of stuff going on. We don’t expect you to be at every one, but we highly highly recommend it. Make sure to follow GVSU Ad Club on all social media!



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