Speed Mentoring

Way back when on Wednesday November 14th, Grand Valleys Advertising Club hosted our annual Speed Mentoring event. We had 18 amazing professionals come out and talk with our members. What did they talk about? Absolutely anything and everything to do with Advertising. Hosted by Grand Rapids Brewing Co. some would argue that the drinks were the best part of the event…..

Left side students. Right side professionals.

We set up long tables. One side was for the professionals the other for the students. Just like speed dating (hence the name), we set a timer for 5 minutes for each person to get to ask the professional sitting across from them anything they liked. At first 5 minutes seemed like a long time, but as you went through the cast it felt like seconds. We had all types of professionals show up. Recent alumni, former professors, freelancers, owners of agencies, presidents, creatives, account executives and more. It was a star studded cast of walking knowledge and advice that was basically free.

Just some casual talk about job opportunities and career paths

Our list included the talents of:

Kort Rantala- Account manager at Highland Group

Frank Blossom- The Legendary Professor

Daniel Spicer- Creative Consultant at Our Full Attention

Paul La Vigne- President & Chief Strategist at DVS

Rick Fortier- Creative Director at Founders Brewing Co.

Jason Dodge- Founder & Chief Strategist at Black Truck Media

Rachel Watson- Senior Communications Professional at Yanfeng Automotive Interiors

Brooke Rosier- Nutrition Brand Marketing at Amway

Eric Messink- Marketing, Design Consultant, Owner at Thirsty Bird LLC.

Tom Crimp- Owner of Auxiliary

Dan Case-Executive Creative Director at Auxiliary

Amanda Reed- Director, Operations at Spectrum Health

Adam Barr- Freelance Copywriter

Clayton Boothe- Writer, Idea Guy, Owner at Boothe Creative Services, Inc.

Nicole Leblanc- Creative Director at Scott Allen Creative

Kendall Witherspoon- Creative Director at Rebellious Brands

Joe Morris- Design Director at Joem Design

Hayley Lerg- Graphic designer at Scott Allen Creative

Jeff Sorensen- Community Relations Coordinator at Gun Lake Casino


Make sure to connect with each of them on LinkedIn and feel free to message them about what you talked about! Thank you to everyone who came and participated!



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