New Year, New Beginnings

We hope that this past year has been nothing but amazing to our fellow Grand Valley Lakers! While we know that Ad Club has been off to a slow 2019 (two events have been cancelled), our events continue to drudge steadily forward. After a hefty hiatus the blog is back as well! A new year calls for new beginnings… for you, that might include resolutions, jobs, or habits.  For us, it means the start of a new series on our blog! Gone are the days of endless drabble about what events we hosted, we now advance to a more hands on approach towards the advertising world.


We want everyone in Ad Club to push themselves towards their career and obtain that dream job they’ve always wanted.  To do that, it might be helpful to get connected with individuals in the field. Our new series is going to include interviews of professionals in the advertising field on their career, daily life, how they got where they are, and more to give YOU the tools to success

You will see in depth interviews from:

  • Stephanie Holmes, who can be found at Chacos managing their Social Media
  • Natalie Topalian, who is a Copywriter at The Image Shoppe
  • Elicia Davis, who works at Freshwater Digital and is a Project Manager
  • Jaimie Sutton, who works with Lamar Advertising as an Account Executive
  • Rachel Send, who is an Research/Marketing strategist at Scott Allen Creative
  • Tim Woodcox, who works as a Media Consultant at Media Place Partners

along with testimonials from a creative director, graphic designer, and brand manager


We are so excited about this new series and can’t wait to start conducting these interviews to relay the professionals expansive knowledge about each position. Tune in on our Instagram to see when we will be conducting these interviews so you can submit any questions you would like answered.


Don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay tuned for all our updates on our twitter @gvadclub, Facebook, and Instagram just by clicking on the links!

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