Campus Life Night 2019

By: Griffin Platto

And so the year begins. . .

On Sunday, August 25, the Ad Club Executive Board gathered at their booth to welcome students to the wonders of advertising, and to inform them of the necessity of networking with professionals through Ad Club. Many flocked to the booth to get more information on the club and to get involved, resulting in more than a hundred applicants.

If you couldn’t make it out to Campus Life Night— here are some popular questions asked by fellow students that you may have as well:

Is Ad Club exclusive to Advertising majors?

Although our club focuses on advertising, all majors and minors are encouraged to give Ad Club a try considering advertising encompasses many disciplines. Communications, Graphic Design, and even Neuroscience are some of the degrees students signed up with.

Campus Life Night Chance
Executive Board members from left to right (not all members pictured): Jessica Prestigiacomo, Nikki Schroder, Evan LaVigne, Noah White, Griffin Platto, and Chance Rusniak

What can I expect from the meetings?

There’s always something new and exciting every week! From an alumni panel one week to a resume workshop another, we try to prepare you for your future in the most diverse way possible. Many ad professionals will be speaking at our meetings, so be prepared to network!

How often are the meetings?

Our meetings are held, generally, once every two weeks.

Don’t fret if you couldn’t make it out to our booth. You can still attend our first meeting on August 29th. Be ready to network with peers and ad professionals to make those connections for potential future career opportunities, and remember, it’s not only about who you know, but who knows you as well!

Below is our schedule for our meetings. Let’s get networking!

Ad Club Schedule - JPG

Keep tuned in by following us on our twitter @gvadclub, Facebook, and Instagram just by clicking on the links!

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