Ad Club’s First Meeting Recap

By: Griffin Platto

On August 29th, we kicked off our first meeting by introducing our Executive Board, discussing what to expect in future meetings, and finally, playing our nutty networking game— “Pitch the Thrift.”
At the core of Ad Club is networking with others, so what better way to break the ice than with a game that combines advertising talent and thrift store trash. The executive board split the group into teams and judged them on how effectively they advertised their product. Finally, we awarded one student with a free Ad Club membership for presenting their product best.
The fun doesn’t just stop at the first meeting. We are cruising right into next week with our Alumni Panel on September 12th. Five GVSU AD/PR graduates are awaiting your burning questions. Be ready!
If you made it to the last meeting, make sure you purchase your membership before or during our next one. You can purchase an Ad Club membership for $25 for one semester or $40 for two. If you didn’t come to the first meeting, stop by and see what Ad Club is all about. The first meeting is on the house. Be sure to buy your membership before you miss out!

Stay connected and follow us on our twitter @gvadclub, Facebook, and Instagram. 

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