Ad Reviews: Disney+ TV Commercial, “We’re All Connected”

By: Griffin Platto

The first step— watch the ad below!

There has been a bunch of talk circulating the new Disney+ streaming service. For those who do not know what Disney+ is, it’s a one-stop-shop for watching all Disney movies and television shows— I’m even talking about the classic cartoon films as well! This service is ready to take over the game. If the majority of people already know about it, then why must Disney promote it?

The answer is simple— because they can!

This advertisement, specifically, shows the reason why people should purchase the service. Disney played a significant role in the upbringing of so many, and this ad tugs at those nostalgic heartstrings.

In just 60 seconds, Disney has showcased almost all the movies under the Disney brand. From Beauty and the Beast to Star Wars IV: A New Hope, it’s all contained in a pretty package, making sure that every person has a place to sigh at the good ‘ole days. It is incredibly effective.

At the core, the ad tells you to “come home;” Han Solo says it himself. The ad is saying that all the characters and stories are in the proper place with Disney+, as you should be! It’s a welcoming gesture, beckoning the consumer to purchase the service, and for the very few that weren’t aware of its existence, the gesture serves as a greeting. What truly works in this ad is this theme of homecoming. All the movies, clips, and quotes set the tone as if you were back at your childhood house, curled up in a blanket watching these films with your family. You can’t help but want to go back in time!

I, for one, am not too thrilled about these streaming services making media exclusive to their platform. However, they played on my heartstrings well enough to give me a reason to look into this new streaming service a bit more! Coming from a crazy Disney fan, I may be purchasing the service myself! Are you? 

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