Five Reasons YOU Should Join Ad Club

By: Griffin Platto

So, you’re thinking about getting into advertising, huh? Well, attending class and getting good grades isn’t everything you can do to get in the field! If you are on-the-fence about attending an Advertising Club meeting, here are five quick and simple reasons why you should join!

Industry Info

Although classes provide a solid foundation for what to expect in the industry, it’s nothing like hearing it from the real deal. Ad Club presents crucial speaker presentations, alumni panels, agency tours, and more—all activities that a classroom can’t provide. Ad Club is a prime way of exposing yourself to the business and seeing what it’s like.


We’ve said it before, and we will say it again— network, network, network! Although a cliche, it is truly important to talk with advertising professionals and get your name out there. They can help with finding you a job or even land you one in their place of work. Ad Club opens the door for you to connect with them!

Casual Meeting

It can be intimidating to join a club! Ad Club is very much a casual environment. We want our members to feel comfortable asking questions to our speakers and talk to their peers. Although Ad Club is rooted in professionalism, we want members to have fun as well. We play games, do activities, and eat food! What’s better than that?

Advertising Agency Trips

Another reason you should join the Ad Club is that we take tours of advertising agencies. Unlike the classroom, our events expose you to real-world agency life. Ad Club is fortunate to have many ad professionals that are kind enough to give a rundown of their agency and what they specialize in. You can expect to go to a few Grand Haven agencies later this semester. It’s never been a better time to join than right now!

Resume Builder

Finally, being a member of Ad Club is more than just joining a fun organization, it shows initiative and interest in the field outside of just hitting the books. It shows a passion for advertising. If you are interested in joining our Executive Board, it helps to join early and show your commitment. Many of our Executive Board chairs were people who joined early and stayed late.

Ad Club is more than just another club that you can join, it’s a crucial piece to your GVSU experience in the Ad/PR program. If you want to differentiate yourself from other classmates that are interviewing for the same jobs you are applying for, join Ad Club. If you’re looking to find out more about the industry, join Ad Club. If you want to make connections with ad professionals, join Ad Club. Better to join now than never at all!

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