Grand Haven Tour Preparation

By: Griffin Platto

For this coming Friday, November 1st, be prepared for a little taste of what Grand Haven advertising agencies are like! With a packed roster of two totally killer agencies, Evenbound and Haven Creative, expect distinct perspectives, informative insights, and good times! To help incite some questions to ask the agencies on our tours, we will provide a little agency background to get those creative juices flowing!

Evenbound’s Logo

The first agency we will be touring is Evenbound. They specialize in content marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, and paid search advertising tactics to help grow and produce leads for their clients. They’re located just above a coffee shop, so be sure to grab a cup of joe before we meet upstairs. Angström Technology, eSafety, Geolean USA, and Werner Roofing & Exterior are some of the many clients they have assisted.

Haven Creative’s Logo

The next tour spot is Haven Creative—a creative hub. Haven Creative produces masterful tactics from intense idea-generation. Like the word it’s derived from, Haven Creative is a safe place for advertising talent to push boundaries, to excel in the creative executions, and to improve on a client’s problem or opportunity. Some of Haven Creative’s clients include Summer Sessions Concert Series, Hotlogic Mini, General Tools, and Muskegon Lumberjacks.

There it is, our Grand Haven agencies! Hopefully, this kicked off some ideas for questions you’d like to ask— do you want to know some of the ways Evenbound has grown their clients’ online presence? Or, do you want to know some of Haven Creative’s crazy ideas for their clients? You have plenty of time to figure it out! Be sure to visit Haven Creative and Evenbound’s websites to explore some of the great things they do at their agencies, respectively. 

As for the schedule, Evenbound expects us to arrive at 3 pm. You must find your ride there. We should be heading back from the tour around 5:30 from Haven Creative. We couldn’t be more excited to see what’s in store for us with these two intriguing agencies. See you this Friday!

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