What’s In-Store for Jake Moore

By: Griffin Platto

Talk about a finale— the great Jake Moore is here to end our semester with a branding bang! As our last meeting, this is a way to go out in style! As a GVSU alumnus, Jake Moore will give you some reassuring insights into his many, many experiences in the advertising world. 

His story began as an AD/PR major and now, he’s a Senior Marketing Specialist at Wolverine Worldwide. He has had over nine years of experience in many different firms and corporate settings like Priority Health, Digital Limelight Media, and MLive Media Group. Currently, Jake Moore finds himself working at Wolverine Worldwide— a global marketer of branded footwear located in Rockford, MI. Of the many brands under the company’s umbrella, Jake Moore’s focus is on Bates Footwear.

His position demands the ability to wear many hats like marketing communications strategy, corporate communications, email marketing, paid social media tools, CMS platforms, creative writing, and content creation. With that said, he has expertise in various positions of advertising that you’re curious about— so come ready this Thursday with some insightful questions.

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