Ben Kaluski: The Business Side of Advertising

By: Griffin Platto

Welcome back, members! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break. As we are all getting back into the swing of new classes, new professors, and new books to buy, one thing remains true—a great Advertising Club meeting is happening this Thursday with Mr. Ben Kaluski from Freshwater Digital.

Freshwater Digital is a Grand Rapids-based digital signage and media production firm. With projects like digital signage for Meijer in Little Caesars arena to hype videos for Grand Rapids Drive, their work is not only intriguing, but they have worked with many other big names.

Ben Kaluski is the Director of Business Development at Freshwater Digital, where he manages all of Freshwater’s in-house marketing efforts that cover the entire spectrum of advertising, PR, and overall marketing. Not to mention, he is a GVSU alumnus—so he will be able to give you great advice.

So, what can you expect from this meeting? Information on account roles in the industry is one! Another will be about how to secure that first job we are all so anxious to get! He will also expand on Freshwater Digital and their clients.

We don’t often hear from people from the digital signage industry in Ad Club, so we are happy to have Ben come and speak on a little of what he does in this growing field of advertising! If you want to get the full scope of some of their digital signage, click the link down below!

Check out the video here

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