Professor Panel

By: Griffin Platto

Ever wonder what professors do in their free time? Or, what type of jobs they’ve had in the industry? Our Professor Panel is the perfect time to get some answers. We have a powerhouse of a panel eager to give a little bit about what they know, what they’ve done, and how you can learn from their experiences. From varying disciplines and practices, we have a jam-packed roster of your favorite professors, soon-to-be mentors, and future connections.

The event is very similar to our Alumni panel, where members can ask questions to professionals—only this time, they are your faculty! Whether you’re inquisitive about their job experience or their biggest classroom pet peeves—now’s the chance to ask! Let’s utilize their time to the best of our ability and get involved!

What professors are coming to the event? You may notice some professors or only a couple, now is a great time to familiarize yourself by hovering over their photos. Check out the roster below:

In addition to this already exciting event, we will participate in a game to try and guess which professor’s fun fact goes to who. Take a look at the list below to see if you can crack the case before we begin.

  • I wanted to be a singer (can’t hold a tune to save my life) or a race driver (never tried)
  • I once won a hot dog eating contest as part of a 4 person team at The Corner Bar in Rockford, MI. We each at 11 chilidogs for a total of 44 in only 20 minutes. (Burp)
  • I once worked in an office with a fantastic view of the Mackinac Island harbor, but once every hour a live cannon fired about 30 feet outside my office window, which made for some interesting phone conversations.
  • I ran the Chicago Marathon four times
  • Actor Jeff Daniels (Newsroom, Dumb & Dumber, etc) attended my junior/senior prom in high school based on their invitation.
  • I’m a cyclist who rode 1,111 miles in 2019 on roads and trails all over Michigan. I’ve ridden my bike throughout the lower and upper peninsula, including on three Michigan islands – Beaver, Drummond and Mackinac.
  • As an undergrad (I think I was probably 19 or 20 at the time) I very briefly did some modeling work in New York. A friend of mine was a photographer and had me pose for a “Hero” themed series that he was doing.
  • I like to have fun on the job. Hangs out with notable *characters.*

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