Super Bowl Debrief

By: Griffin Platto

So, you’ve had two weeks to think about the Super Bowl. From the duds to the heartwarming ones to the funniest you’ve ever seen, now it’s time to figure out where they land in the best of the night. Is it Baby Nut? Or what about the Google ad? With the budget of these ads only skyrocketing, the expectations and their execution are higher (and higher-priced) than ever before.

Imagine a world without these crazy promotions would you still watch it? Assuming because were people at the very least interested in advertising, this will be a great opportunity to express how you interpret these pricey placements. With that said, bring your strong opinion in this Thursday and prepare to debate, play games, and eat popcorn!

With our usual Ad Club twists, we wanted to incorporate something new to this already amazing idea! The goal is to watch some of the ads that we deemed worthy of watching a second time (or third or fourth for some of us). During this period, we will have already passed a bracket to fill out to each member. It’s simple—whatever ad you deem is better out of the two, it advances to the next round. It will be interesting to see everyone’s results and to figure out if there was a clear “winner” at this year’s Super Bowl. If you would like to brush up on the bracket before our meeting, check it out below by clicking the link.

Superbowl Bracket 2020

Who will win? What will you choose? Start formulating those opinions. This will be a great way to keep your mind off midterms and into something fun! It’s going to be exciting, so get ready to sit down, grab some popcorn, and debate what you think is the best-of-the-best.


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