Recap of Our Meeting with Jeff Joanisse

By: Ryan Baldwin

At our last meeting, we were honored to host Jeff Joanisse, the founder and creative director of Th3rd Coast. Jeff has a unique view of advertisements. Clients hire Th3rd Coast to make augmented and virtual reality experiences. Their products range from interactive advertisements to developing training programs for XR experiences.
A main takeaway from the presentation was the difference between augmented and virtual reality. The major difference is virtual reality fully submerges one into another world where augmented reality ads or changes things in our physical environment. A major technological difference between the two is that augmented reality can be done on your phone, where virtual reality requires extra equipment.

It was interesting to hear that all varieties of companies use XR. An example was the brand Jameson Irish Whiskey. They used a mix of augmented and virtual reality to teach consumers how to make mixed drinks. A more popular example would be furniture stores utilizing this tech to furnish their homes. With the assistance of XR, they can see how items look and fit in a room. With these companies, Jeff was able to demonstrate how augmented and virtual reality is spreading into all types of companies outside the tech-based category.


Ad Club Vice President, Chance Rusniak, says, “I learned that technology, especially in advertising, is moving forward at a rapid pace. At the same time, meaningful and personable relationships with clients will always be a priority over that technology.”

This presentation reinforces the idea that advertising is always changing. XR experiences are just two more things we need to keep in our minds moving forward in the industry. The utilization of AR and VR helps create distinct experiential tactics for customers to relate to the brand. We thank Jeff Joanisse for coming to our meeting and teaching us about the technology which is starting to have a big impact in the field of advertisement!

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