Grand Valley’s NSAC Team is Going to Nationals!

It’s with great excitement to announce that our very own Grand Valley NSAC team will be heading to the National Competition! After placing first in their district, then sailing through the semi-finals, they now go on to compete one final time against the seven other finalists in the nation. Let’s congratulate them on their victories, and wish them luck in the finals!

What is NSAC? An amazing opportunity for any AD/PR student. The following statement comes directly from the NSAC website:

“There is no better way to learn about the advertising campaign process than by actually developing a campaign for a real client. 

Each year, a corporate sponsor (client) provides an assignment or case study outlining the history of its product and current challenge. The case study reflects a real world marketing challenge. Students must research the product and its competition, identify potential problem areas and devise a completely integrated campaign for the client. Each student team then “pitches” its campaign to a panel of judges.”

As you can see this is an opportunity to create a real campaign for an actual client. You have the chance to see and experience how a real campaign is made, executed, and pitched. It echoes the future career of any AD/PR student, giving you some of the best first-hand experience. 

You’ll be working in a team along with your other GVSU students, teaching you how to combine skillsets to achieve the best results. Teamwork is everything, especially in a campaign, and NSAC shows you that. 

If you join the NSAC team at Grand Valley it will count as credits, as apart of a year-long class taken each semester. It can fit perfectly into your schedule while providing you with the experience you need. 

NSAC is a great opportunity for any AD/PR related major here at Grand Valley. If you feel qualified don’t hesitate to apply as positions for next year remain open! Make your time here at GV memorable and beneficial, and compete in NSAC!



NSAC Website

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