Packaging In a Nutshell

The packaging of a product is one of the most important factors that go into the marketing of a product, yet most of the time the attention and praise go towards the commercials or social media campaigns. Here are some reasons to make you consider how much packaging plays a role in advertising.


1. Packaging Stands Out

The packaging is mainly focused on products that are directly next to many competitors, like a grocery store. While browsing products your eyes will judge them by their design. In a place full of many similar products having a good design is something they can have a standout.


2. Different Designs Give Different Vibes

How a product is packaged gives it an entirely different perception to the customer. Glass jars of Yogurt are going to be seen as much more luxurious and high quality than if it were in plastic. The cursive text also gives this effect in comparison to comic sans.


3. Go Green

Today many people are environmentally conscious and so products that feature environmentally friendly packaging will have a better time selling than packaging that can be seen as wasteful. Many products today advertise that they are biodegradable. It’s a great way to support the planet and market your product.


4. Packaging is Branding

Some packaging has remained so unique and similar that the design is immediately recognized as the product. Think of a Coca-Cola bottle. The bottle is very much the heart of its brand. They even sell bottles with their older design as a way of selling ‘vintage’ coke. Building a great brand can be done through the packaging!


5. Packaging is an Experience

Packaging also works to give you an experience of feeling expensive or feeling fun; whether that means opening a very well made box to reveal a new phone or tech product, or opening a children’s product that has fun bright colors for the child. Sometimes the product itself is the packaging, think of fun designs like a push-pop or Bunchaballons!


6. Packaging is a Big Industry

Advertising isn’t just copywriters, graphic designers, and social media marketers. Packaging is a large field as well! Michigan State has an entire school dedicated to packaging. So ask yourself is maybe packaging is the route you want to take with advertising!



4 Reasons Why Product Packaging Is Important

The Importance of Packaging




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