Agency Overview – Th3rd Coast

By Richard Doyle

Welcome to another series here at the GVSU Advertising Club, this time we will be going over a few different agencies, both in the Grand Rapids are and the world! To start it off we’re going to be taking a look at Th3rd Coast Digital Solutions!

Who is Th3rd Coast?

Th3rd Coast Digital Solutions is a media/tech company based out of Grand Haven. They’re easily one of the most advanced leaders when it comes to the technology they use for their clients, and it’s what makes them so unique. They have a focus on augmented and virtual reality, the next big innovation in tech. Let’s take a look at how they do what they do and see if we can learn more about future technologies in the ad industry!

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The realm of AR and VR technologies is very exciting, it has so much more room to grow and new innovations to be made that we could see take over every aspect of our lives! It hasn’t reached that point yet but it seems it’s going in that direction. This is what makes Th3rd Coast so special, they are specialized in the technologies of tomorrow. They’ve used their tools to create different advertisements, training services, and more that illustrates the kind of work they do.

Belle Tire Ad

Here’s an advertisement they did for Belle Tire, you can see how they create such an effective advertisement using the tech they have. With AR and VR you’re able to put the consumer into the experience in a way other technologies can’t. 

Take Away

AR and VR is the tech of the future, with more innovation to come It’s going to be interesting to see how it might change the ad industry, but Th3rd Coast is ahead of the game. Back a few months ago we interviewed Jeff Joanisse, the creative director and he had this to say:

“Our ability to create user-centered solutions that solve business problems and hopefully engage and entertain the user or learner—that’s the essence behind everything we do.”

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