Agency Overview – LaFleur Marketing

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By Ryan Baldwin

Up next in the Agency Overview is LaFleur Marketing! A digital marketing company based in Grand Rapids. Just like other agencies, they are hired by outside companies to assist them with their advertising and marketing needs. However, LaFleur Marketing likes to take a unique approach. They do not call themselves an agency, they prefer the title “Digital Marketing Partner.” They see their clients as business partners, who they wish to see succeed. 

LaFleur Marketing has a focus on three different client fields: legal, healthcare, and business. While many agencies focus on business, LaFleur has a unique relationship with law firms and insurance agencies. The kind of work done for them is very different than the usual corporate advertisement needs, with a heavier focus on services over products. LaFleur marketing has a team of diverse talents to make sure they are capable of handling these unique clients. 

When looking at LaFleur Marketing it is easy to spot they have a specialty in digital marketing. Some of the services they offer are website building, content marketing and management, branding and rebranding, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, lead generation, and so much more. LaFleur offers these services to any of their clients no matter if they are a business, law firm, or insurance company. 

When looking at LaFleur Marketing there is one thing that really stands out among the rest: community outreach. Every month they have a day dedicated to helping the community. They help a different organization each month, and the way they pick who to help is very interesting. Each time a different team member gets to pick the organization they volunteer with, which allows them to help a variety of different charities and also show their employees that they support the causes as them.

However, volunteering every month is not enough for LaFleur Marketing. They also have a yearly project which they call, “Non-Profit Website Project.” For this project, they create a new website and monitor it for a whole year. They do this completely free. They take applications from nonprofits around the Grand Rapids area and pick a new one to help at the start of the year. Last year they did Jill Tyson’s Place Animal Rescue (you can find the website LaFleur created here:

It is easy to see how unique of an agency LaFleur Marketing is, but there is another thing to add. The design of their office is unique from the standard agency. Their goal is to have a “home” vibe in their office. They have pictures of their employees hanging and if you saw their kitchen you would think it belongs to a house. This allows their employees to feel at home every day they go to the office. Check out their website and look into the tour they have available! (at the bottom of this link

Whether it is their office design, their community reach, or their client base it is easy to tell how unique of an agency LaFleur Marketing is. They take work seriously but they also care deeply about the community. It would be hard to not support an agency like this. It can be assured their business partners are very thankful for all that this agency does for them and the community. 

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