Agency Overview – Blue Flame Thinking

Written by Jessica Prestigiacomo

Following LaFleur Marketing, our next stop is Blue Flame Thinking! Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Blue Flame Thinking is a marketing agency that “helps financial and manufacturing brands in the B2B2C space solve their toughest marketing problems” (BFT, 2020). This agency uses integrated marketing and traditional marketing services to help effectively solve their clients problems. 

Blue Flame Thinking specializes in two main sectors: manufacturing marketing and financial marketing. When working with manufacturing marketing, the team helps turn the complex stories and purchasing processes of manufacturing companies into a product much easier to understand. Some of the manufacturing marketing services that Blue Flame Thinking offers are marketing strategy, website design and development, marketing collateral, social media marketing, email marketing, app development, SEO strategy, and content marketing. When working within financial marketing, the team works with different clients like asset managers, banks, fintech companies and other financial industry organizations to help them execute effective brand messaging, launch products or funds, and satisfy compliance restrictions. Some of the financial marketing services that Blue Flame Thinking offers are website design and development, messaging strategy, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO strategy, analytics and reporting, and user experience optimization. In addition to these specializations, this agency also does B2B marketing and non-profit marketing, with similar services provided (Information sourced from

Now you may be wondering, what kinds of positions are there at Blue Flame Thinking? Their team is made up of many different specialties like Creative Director, Account Director, Account Manager, Project Manager, SEO and Web Marketing Analytics Specialist, Developer, Designer, Content Creator, and Copy Editor. Being a team of strategists and creatives, Blue Flame Thinking is capable of integrating digital and traditional marketing to help their clients reach the best results.

A few of their clients that they have produced work for include Pentair, Amway Global, BISSELL, and Founders Brewing Co. Blue Flame Thinking has helped Pentair with a few marketing tools and campaigns, one of them being the launching of the “Pool IQ Sales App”. This launch involved different areas of the team such as Strategy, Content, UI Design, and Development. In addition, this app launch received recognitions like a Davey Gold Award, W3 Silver Award, the Web Marketing Association, and was Webby People’s Voice Nominee. Click here to view more information about the app launch. To see more of other work Blue Flame Thinking has produced, click here.

I have personally toured the Grand Rapids location before. I recall there being a lot of interactive workspace. This agency is definitely very inclusive and engaging, with lots of space for collaborating. The most important thing, when searching for a job, is to make sure the business’s culture meshes well with your lifestyle. I would recommend speaking with a team member from Blue Flame Thinking, if they interest you.

If you plan on working in the Grand Rapids area and any of the information listed above interests you, I would recommend checking them out! Here is a link to their LinkedIn: 


Blue Flame Thinking Website

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