Agency Overviews – FreshWater Digital

By Rachel Cramer

Life changes fast, and so should your signage.

Companies are always updating their signs, billboards, tags, in store posters, brand, ads and customer interaction methods. In today’s world trends can change in a day’s time, and the consumers needs and wants along with them. But how fast can you take down and put up a billboard, or re-customize all the tags in the store? And printing new signs to hang every day doesn’t seem ideal. 

Tech that keeps up with what’s next. 

FreshWater Digital helps companies in this situation that struggle in keeping up with trends. The digital signage and media production firm devotes their time to clients digital signage networks, focusing on strategy, content, product innovations, and network management. This technology creates advertising opportunities that are sure to enhance your audience engagement rate. Have a seasonal sale, or a one day offer? Digital tags, signs, and store banners are the perfect way to promote your offer to a wide audience in a matter of minutes. FreshWater Digital accomplishes this with their user-friendly Wave software, allowing you to control streams of your data and content and send them out to specific locations. This means that with just a few clicks you can have your signs, billboards, tags, and store posters advertising your brand new offer. Perfect for seasonal advertising, limited time offers, and holiday deals.With digital signage your advertising is sure to reach its maximum potential every time. 

It’s not all statistical. 

It always helps to advertise, and even more to digital advertise. But at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what the platform is, because it is the message that the content portrays. It is all an art, even the copywriting. Companies’ signage needs to capture the audience’s eye and interest, and although there is a strategy to accomplish this, it is the creative expertise that really brings in new consumers.

FreshWater Digital has years of award winning experience in this matter, and provides fresh and interesting templates that are integrated with the wave platform. Once customized and added to a template playlist, Wave will then fill in the relevant products, special events, prices, holiday offers, and anything else you can think of as the signage changes on command. The platform opens a brand new door for creativity including customer interaction.

Hands on. 

Digital signage doesn’t just look cool. FreshWater Digitaltakes pride in making your ideas a reality. The agency also creates digital signages that are touch and gesture interactive, making your customers experience simple, easy, and great. Not to mention their 3-D modeling, holographic production, directional audio, and virtual reality technology they incorporate into clients advertising. You may be asking yourself, is all of this new technology really going to make a difference in my advertising? And to answer your question, 100% yes.

Why you need to get with the times

Technology today has become part of our everyday lives, and for many with busy lifestyles, it has actually gotten easier to complete tasks via technology. And for a business digital signage can provide a faster, more simple way of signing customers up for perks, newsletters, or even selling a product online. I remember last christmas I went shopping with my grandma who was looking to buy a kitchen pan. The store had told her that the product was out of stock. However with digital signage they were able to pull the product up on an interactive tablet, and she was able to purchase the pan via the internet. COVID-19 is another reason for needing digital advertising today. I don’t know about you but everywhere I have gone to eat, since quarantine was lifted, they have had digital menus to prevent disease spread via paper or laminated menus. In fact the last restaurant I was at they had QR codes on the table that pulled up the menu on your phone. And in other cases of purley advertising a message to a wide audience, digital signage has shown to captivate the audience’s attention more. Thus gaining more customer engagement. This makes sense because in our world today people of all ages are drawn to anything made easier by technology. 


FreshWater Digital

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