Why You Should Apply to Ad Club’s E-Board!

By Richard Doyle

As you may know we have some positions for the e-board opening up for next semester. This is a great opportunity for you, as being on the board really opens up a lot of doors and really sets you apart from others. Let’s see exactly how being on the board can help you, and how it has helped others in the past!

Resume Building, Internships, and Experience

Being a student makes getting real first hand experience difficult, and you may find it challenging to have a resume that matches up with the rest of your colleagues. Well e-board fixes all of these issues quite easily. The roles of the e-board actually replicate the roles of an ad agency! We have a copywriter, social media coordinator, graphic designer, and more! Being on the board lets you build real first hand experience that will really stand out on a resume.

Listing experience as a copywriter on my resume through the eboard was a leading factor in getting my internship.

– Richie Doyle, Copywriter

“Being on the  eboard was a great conversation starter during my internship interview”

– Ryan Baldwin, Vice President

Developing Skills

While being on the board and performing your role you will be developing crucial skills for the advertising industry you may not always find in the classroom. This allows you to learn slowly in a perfect environment so that you are well prepared for the real advertising industry, and have a lot of developed talents over the others.

“Making graphics has helped me build a portfolio and taught me a lot of about graphic design, especially about the advertising industry that I don’t think would have gotten in class.”

– Selena Alvarado, Graphic Designer

E-board has helped build my communication, organizational, and leadership skills.

– Jessica Prestigiocomo, President

Network Building and Connections

Probably one of the most important things in any industry, not just advertising, is networking. Who you know is extremely important and have a large network will you set you far above others. However this is also one of the hardest things to do as a student, but with Ad Club it’s made much easier. By being in the club in general you already get to meet with professionals in the industry, but by being on the board you are also working with them. You will develop an stronger network by being a part of the board and it will set you far above.

Being a part of e-board has strengthened my understanding of the professional life in the field advertising. It has given me the tools and opportunities to gain outstanding connections and networking skills.

– Rachel Cramer, Event Coordinator

“E-board has helped build my communication, organizational, and leadership skills. It has also given me many different networking opportunities throughout the advertising industry.”

– Jessica Prestigiocomo, President

It’s Fun

It’s not all just about resume building and networking! We just also have a lot of fun being on the board! We all have a passion for advertising and it’s a blast to work with others who share that, and help create opportunities for fellow students and really be even more involved in the industry we aim to work in.

“Being on E board gave me valuable industry connections, better organizational skills, and helped keep advertising fun for me with the great folks I am on the board with!”

– Micah Hill, Communications Director

Ready to Apply?

If you’re thinking about joining the eboard, we would love to have you! Fill out this application and keep up to date on all our socials @gvadclub. Applications are due November 18th.

Application Form: https://forms.gle/gXQNCixgG3Rs1btz5

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