Derek Walker joins us, sneak peek.

This Thursday we will have the pleasure to hear from Derek Walker, founder of Brown and Browner. Derek is going to be talking about the ad industry, it’s history, and it’s future. In this blog we’re going to learn a little more about Derek and get an idea of what he’ll be discussing this Thursday.

Derek hasn’t been shy about expressing his viewpoints on what needs to change in the ad industry. In an interview Derek did with The Drum, he was asked about he thought needed to change in the industry, here’s what he said.

“Diversity and inclusion. It is long past time that we handle this the way I know we can.”

– Derek Walker

He has been a name mentioned quite a bit in the media, and for good reason, he brings up the important issues. For the past two years in a row he drew a lot of attention by highlighting black talent in advertising each day during black history month.

“The attitude that creative is secondary to strategy. We have forgotten that the product we produce is creative solutions driven by strategy but at the end of the day, it is the creative that gets the client noticed.”

– Derek Walker

The current trend in the advertising industry of valuing strategy over creativity has been an issue for Derek as someone from the creative side. With data mining at all time highs and analytic departments becoming a much bigger role, it’s worrisome and Derek realizes this.

There’s much more I could talk about but why do that when you can hear it from Derek Walker himself this Thursday? He’ll be discussing all these issues and more. Come with questions and be ready to learn from a real world professional.

If you haven’t already, sign up using this link to attend:


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