Ad Club Holiday Party – Meet the Alumni Panel!

Many of Advertising Club’s Alumni have gone on to have amazing careers in the advertising industry. We’re delighted to have some join us for our Holiday party this Thursday at 6 pm. Let’s introduce you to them by taking a look at what exactly they’ve done in the advertising industry after graduating!

Rachael Watson

Rachael was the president of Ad Club and graduated in 2017. Just three years later, she is now the Senior Communications Professional at the global automotive interior company, Yanfeng! As a global corporation, Rachael helps Yangfeng communication efforts for products across the entire world, with roles in social media, data analyzing, strategy and more!

Ben Kaluski

Ben was the vice president of Ad club and graduated in 2016. He is know a Professional Service Op Manager Thycotic, a national cybersecurity company based in D.C.! Previously he was also the director of business development and marketing at Freshwater Digital! Ben has had a focus on the business side of advertising, so if you want to know more, he’s the guy to ask!

Jessica Kaluski

Jessica was in communications for Ad club, and also graduated in 2016. She is now the marketing communications manager at US Signal, a tech company specializing in data services. She now is responsible for handling vast amounts of analytics such as SEO, CMS, CRM, email marketing, and more!

The alumni we have are all examples of very impressive professionals in the industry, they have all built their own careers and are proof that you can do it too. Join us at our panel this Thursday to talk to them personally, ask questions, and learn about how you can make your way into the industry just as they did.

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