Enter the 2021 Addy Awards!

Do you want to step up your game? Put your advertising skills to the test? Prepare yourself for an internship or your first job? Then consider entering the Addy’s!

The American Advertising Awards, also known as Addy’s, is an annual nation wide advertising competition dedicated to acknowledging various creations in the advertising industry. They have both a professional and student competition. This is a great opportunity for any of you who have worked very hard on a campaign in a previous class and maybe want to do something more with it. If you’re interested, download this PDF below which goes into greater detail of the rules and requirements. Don’t haste, the deadline for entry is February 4th! Enter by clicking here!

A little more info on the Addy’s…

The Student Addy’s has students submit their own works, which can be something you make completely from scratch or a past project. All submissions are divided into categories and there so many to enter. Whatever your focus may be, design, analytics, strategy, there is a category for everyone!

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Print Advertising
  • Out-Of-Home and Ambient Media
  • Online / Interactive
  • Film, Video, and Sound
  • Cross Platform
  • Elements of Advertising

Along with all 7 main categories, there are 24 sub categories in total, making sure everyone can enter whichever niche competition suits them best.

Past Winners

The Addy’s has always hosted fantastic student creations, here are a few of the national winners from previous award years. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what the Addy’s is about.

The Case For Her Social Media, Single Execution

World’s Longest TableSingle Occurrence or Installation

Sea Salt and Bones Branding Integrated Brand Identity Campaign

Why Join Addy’s?

Being an ad student we’re often working on campaigns for classes, putting in a lot of effort that unfortunately only gets seen by the proffessor. This is a great oppurtunity for you to submit a past project you really went the extra mile on, and see how far it can get you and winning an Addy award can be a great conversation to have at an interview! It would only take a few moments and dig up that campaign you made last semester and submit it, so why not join Addy’s?

If you don’t have anything to submit, make sure to really put in the effort if you do another campaign or creative work for a class so you might submit it next year! Or start brainstorming ideas you have now, and get with your fellow ad class mates and put together some fantastic ads to submit in 2022! This is great opportunity for students and it would be a shame to pass out on it.

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