Advertising Around the World: Spain

¡Bienvenidos a España! Are you curious to know what ads are like in Spain? This is your chance. You would think that the same tactics as the United States would apply, but the differences in culture, consumer behavior, and digital trends are what make advertising in Spain so unique. 

As of 2019, the population of Spain is about 46 million people, with their median age being between 15-65 years old. This wide gap covers about 65% of the population in Spain. Considering this, it gives advertisers a general idea of who they should target. Providing an example, here is a commercial by IKEA discussing the importance of your family of all ages.

Another unique component to advertising in Spain is their consumer behavior. Overall Spain is a consumer society, and as a result of unemployment and economic crisis, the prices of goods make a difference in their buying patterns. The people of Spain will not typically buy the first item they see, they often seek out other options to find a better price elsewhere. On average, 75% of Spainiards look for a bargain before buying something.

On top of that, Spain is shifting to emphasize and value digital advertising and public news. According to Global Trade, radio is the most trusted medium, but most Spaniards get their news from television. Today, Spain publishes more newspapers and magazines per capita than any other European country. This is an interesting perspective because most Americans will choose to ignore the commercials from television. When was the last time you bought something only because of the commercial or ad you saw on TV? Radio is also a good form of advertising in Spain since many like to tune in every morning and evening. This is another form of communication that Americans tend to zone out of. 

Since digital advertising is a thriving market in Spain, the most popular type of online shopping is in fashion. Fashion is so popular that on average, Spaniards spend around 328 euros on food per month and 554 euros a month on fashion items. This obsession is being fed by influencers on social media that promote certain brands or fashion trends. Here is a popular example:

Photo from Pimsleur

Fashion models and influencers ultimately give a high image of what they should be wearing, or what trends are currently in fashion. The concept of fashion influencers is also popular in America, so it seems that this is a successful tactic to marketing.

Overall, Spain can be similar but different at the same time when it comes to advertising. Their culture and consumer trends can vary depending on the age group, but finding a creative strategy to gain their attention mainly depends on their use of television and social media. What ways does Spain influence you? Spain has one of the most unique cultures in the world and is one of the most popular tourist countries during the holidays, so maybe Spain hopes to see you one day!

By Josh Hengtgen


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