Advertising Around The World: Sweden

Four our next stop in taking a closer look at advertising around the world, we arrive in the friendly nation of Sweden! What makes marketing unique in this nation? Read on to find out!

The Scandinavian nation of Sweden comprises thousands of coastal islands, rocky mountain plains, and deep forests. This is a country that values egalitarianism, modesty, and political progressiveness. Their advertising market has strict regulations and ensures that all claims or statements provided in advertisements must be verified. This means that any misleading statements could lead to the prosecution of a company or organization. Swedish culture reflects a pattern of individuality and equality, as well as incredible brand loyalty. National Swedish brands are a country-wide favorite and while there is room for international purchasing power, homeland brands are a fan favorite. 

Television, newspaper, and magazines are Sweden’s main modes of communication when it comes to communicating with the public. In 2020, nearly 70% of the adult population read at least one newspaper daily, making the country a mass consumer of the printed press. Swedish values of selflessness reflect in their advertising and marketing strategies, as self-interest is typically frowned upon.

It is important to recognize the cultural sensitivity when promoting advertisements as selfish or self-centered advertisements do not have a good payoff. Sweden’s Marketing Act has a strict set of rules that all companies must adhere to including the prohibition of advertising aimed at minors, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, and foreign arranged lotteries. This set of rules are in place to protect the knowledge of young minors as well as to monitor the effect on public health.

This advertisement from Scandinavian Airlines analyzes Scandinavian culture and emphasizes country-wide empowerment through travel. It discusses the culture that has been adopted and changed over time to create something that is uniquely Swedish.

Overall, even with strict regulations, Sweden promotes advertisements that target with the intentions of equality, progressiveness, and selflessness. They are a hardworking country that takes pride in personal and professional relationships and their advertisements reflect that. 

By MacKenzie Payton


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