Advertising Around The World: Australia

The world’s sixth largest country, Australia, is located between the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Australia, among most peaceful countries, values freedom, respect, fairness and the equality of opportunity. They continue to drive this home in their advertisement guidelines nationally. Australia is focused on making sure that all kinds of advertising complies with the law, and their regulation practices lead to customer satisfaction and more successful, honest business overtime. Australia focuses on promoting and protecting hometown and national agencies, as well as the brands that are known and loved by the people.

Australia heavily relies on outdoor advertising to get consumers attention. According to statistics from 2016-2018, 78% of Australians notice Outdoor Advertising each month and 74% of Australians see Billboards, every day several times of week. Most citizens travel by car to work, to their home and to go shopping. They prove to catch their attention on those advertisements and they seem to drive in the most impressions and customers. While Australian ad folk get most of their consumers from traditional media, social media also plays a critical role in Australian advertising, especially given the size of the nation.

The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) is a national law that aims to protect consumers and ensure fair trading in Australia. This is part of the Competition and Consumer Act of 2010 and they put this into place when the advertising quickly spread to online platforms. Australia wanted to make sure that everyone was protected with all of the rapidly changing things that come with social media.

This Virgin Australia airline advertisement, that aired in 2020, is the perfect example of an advertisement that follows the country’s aims. The advertisement shows a young schoolgirl dancing around the entire terminal. This fun, light hearted commercial showcases how we all felt once we started travelling again.

Overall, Australia focuses on protecting the agencies and brands while still maintaining to put the consumers first. They want everyone to be treated fairly and feel protected, that is why they put the national laws in place. Australia is very focused on making sure that their advertisements reflect the aims of the country.

By Jessica Hubbard


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