Memories behind us, and the joy set before us: Ad Club year in review

The 2020-2021 school year has been one to remember (or try and forget), but whatever your disposition, Ad Club thinks there have been some bright parts worth looking back on. Inside the club, and out.

None of us were quite prepared to spend a whole year glued to a screen for our classes, but as Zoom updates smoothed things over and professors learned the ropes, it seems we have all become quite used to it. That funny awkward feeling of talking to a 16:9 of your teacher has slowly passed, and we all know the relief of that little dialogue saying “this meeting has been ended by the host”.

Beyond the classroom, the Advertising Club had some fantastic events and far-away speakers. We got to hear from creative directors and CEOs from L.A. to London, networked with folks who had worked at names like Leo Burnett and Saatchi & Saatchi, and even a few amazing GV alumni. Names like Derek Walker, Kelly Butler and Luke Neumann are still fresh in our head and our LinkedIn search histories, inseparable from the variety and value of the advice and encouragement they gave. We were lucky to have an amazing executive board, who despite the circumstances, faithfully met to make sure this year’s Ad Club would keep GV advertising students connected, engaged, and learned from the pros. What we would have given to have even one safe in person meeting, but what we gained because we couldn’t! We were able to connect with schools and speakers we never would have known about with the pandemic. While amidst the hardship of the year, it may have been small, it was a blessing indeed. 

For members, visitors and old friends alike, thank you for being with GVSU Advertising Club this year. Thank you for coming with us on our travels around the world, in both our speakers and our blogs. The world is much brighter being connected to all of you, and we are grateful for being able to facilitate and reach you with Ad Club and its resources this year. We are already planning out what next year could look like, and we have some exciting ideas being tossed around already, so be sure to stick with us this summer and into the fall as the academic calendar rolls over!

While all eyes seem to be on Grand Valley’s plans for the fall, I can’t help but keep mine on the last 9 months. While I used to ignore and scoff at the constant emails and encouragements, I now see that we could, and did, do it. We got through what will likely go down as the toughest school year most of us will face. And we did what we humans are best at doing, making do. We checked our priorities and did what we could, and that Ad Club is one of those things that students don’t want to lose is an honor for me and the eboard to think about. Next year could be finally normal again, but even if it isn’t, I have full confidence that GVSU Ad Club will not only remain, but thrive, innovate and continue to create connections and develop leaders who will change the advertising industry wherever they go.

Thank you all for a great year, and enjoy a well-deserved break!

by Micah Hill

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