How to Level Up Your Advertising This Spooky Season

Consumers spent $8.05 billion on Halloween last year and are expected to spend $10.14 billion this year. If you’re not spookifying your ads this fall, chances are you’ve been asleep as long as Dracula.

So, how do you draw these ghouls and goon’s attention to your brand?

All the best Holiday campaigns have the same features, and all Holiday advertisements are usually part of a bigger campaign. Implement these four tricks to bewitch your campaign into its highest potential.

1: Decorate.

It’s Halloween! Look like it! Things like adding some bats and witch hats to your graphics or even something as simple as changing your usual color scheme to orange and black makes a huge difference. It shows the consumer you care, that you’re not just fishing out the same content every day.

2: Capture the fun.

Chances are your office is doing something fun for the Holiday. Snag some pictures. Halloween is the best with everyone in costumes. The audience loves to see behind the scenes. It makes them feel like part of the team and helps build that personal relationship. So, make sure to take some pictures of Tod dressed up as Joe Exotic for the Halloween party this year!

3: Use what you already have.

As for media and copywriting you probably already have content scheduled to go out. Feel free to visit it again an make some clever play on words to acknowledge this Day of The Dead. Just adding a Halloween post into your schedule can even go a long way. There’s no need to make a complete change.

4: Treats Not Tricks

Get your audience exited! Unfortunately, we can no longer go trick or treating, but we can still celebrate! Promote some Holiday specials or discounts to get your audience to engage. This is going to help your relationships and build loyalty. Consumers are being drawn to something different, so they are going to expect different news. Don’t let them down!

Happy Halloween!

Rachel Cramer

A fourth year at Grand Valley State University studying Advertising and Digital Studies. Loves mountain biking, rock climbing, and can usually be found journaling. Rachel is also a current in-house marketing intern at Macatawa Technologies and the Vice President of GVSU Student Advertising Club.

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