Why Peyton chose AD/PR!

Why did I choose Ad/PR? Well, to say it was an easy choice for me would be stretching the truth. I was undecided for my freshman and sophomore year before being required (by my father) to finally make a decision. During this time in my first two years, I tossed back different majors in my head, wondering what ones would make a good first. At first I was determined to be a businesswoman, my parents were business owners so I’d heard the lingo my whole life. Then, I found myself obsessed with learning about law and was determined to become a lawyer (or maybe it was just an Elle Woods obsession). I also knew I loved being creative, while also having a little bit of structure. Commercials always intrigued me and social media became a big interest of mine. But, deep down I wasn’t sure if I could make a creative job realistic, until there was a way that I could.

In my variety of liberal arts college classes I took those first two years, I met a multitude of people who identified with different majors. I was learning the ins and outs of a new major every day. It was helpful for my undeclared sophomore self. In my freshman year Living with the Great Lakes class, I met a girl who was just about to switch her major from marketing to Ad/PR. This girl is now my roommate and one of my best friends. I asked questions about her classes, her extracurriculars, and her projected future plans, hoping to learn more about this major that I had never heard of before. She told me about her media planning classes and her advertising courses. It sounded like the perfect major for me. Organized and structured, with a huge creative demand. I took a few introductory classes before deciding to declare Ad/PR as my major. I asked how I could get more involved, make connections, and hear from professionals. I was told about Grand Valley’s Advertising Club on campus and here we are.

Joining Ad Club has only solidified my decision in Ad/PR. I’ve been able to hear from professionals in the workspace, tour local agencies, and apply my knowledge and creativity of social media, on the eBoard. I’m so thankful that I was pulled in this direction and cannot wait to see where the wind will take me in this industry. To any freshman (or sophomore!) who’s undecided, you’ll figure it out. Join clubs that pertain to your interests to help narrow down your options, network with professionals to get a real-world perspective on the career choices, and have fun with it. It’s like trying on a bunch of hats to find the perfect one to buy. You’ll know what one it is when you try it on.

By: Peyton Lock

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