Copywriting, Ozark, & More!

Are you ready for our guest speaker for this week? Jackson Ozark, a senior copywriter who works at Havas in Chicago, will be joining us to talk about what he does and how to navigate life after college. 

We are all attending GVSU in the hopes of getting a degree, but what comes afterward? Transitioning from school to professional life is something that isn’t discussed as much as it should be. Jackson will be talking about his experience and giving advice on how you can go about it once the time comes. Change is scary, but the transition from college to life in the professional world doesn’t have to be.

If you aren’t aware of who Jackson is, I would highly recommend checking out his LinkedIn profile! Here you will be able to see some of the commercials he has worked on and get a better understanding of what Havas is all about. Jackson has worked on brands like Moen, State Farm, and Jeep. By looking at his profile, you might also notice that he went to college somewhere pretty cool… he went to GV! How awesome is that? He was once in the same boat as all of us. #GetWetLakers

Jackson Ozark and dog 🙂

Not sure what copywriting is? Many people have a general sense of what it is. However, if asked to define it, their minds would draw a blank. Copywriters create marketing and promotional materials in order to inspire people to take action. They use their writing skills to inform, engage, and impact their target audience. 

Being a copywriter requires a lot of creativity. They have to look at things in a couple of different ways so they can choose the best angle for their target audience. Copywriters often work on a multitude of things, such as blogs, articles, ads, social media posts, billboards, webpages, and so much more. In an agency setting, most copywriters work closely with art directors to create the tone, appeal, and look of an advertisement.

To learn more about how to navigate the super scary transition from college to professional life, come to our meeting this Thursday! Get a sense of how to navigate life post-college, what the duties of a copywriter entail, and a taste of the classic Ozark sarcasm. Join us to talk to Jackson’s face on a screen in LOH 174, or on Zoom from your own home.


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