Ad Club Agency Tours: Selena’s Experience & Why Everyone Should Go

I have been a part of Ad Club for four years now, which is crazy to think about. When I joined as a freshman, it was a little early for me to figure out where I was going to intern or go after I graduated. However, the tours and Ad Club in general, have given me so much insight into all the different avenues I could pursue with my degree. As a Graphic Design major, they don’t tell you a whole lot in class about being able to go in-house, to a studio, or to an agency. Going on the Ad Club tours allowed me to see what working in-house at a large company like Meijer would be like. For example, they had a photo studio in the back of the building and showed us how they take product shots in-house instead of outsourcing. I also got to see some fantastic agencies in Chicago. One agency, called Havas, allowed you to bring your dogs to work and had a bunch of areas to decompress and get inspiration when lost. Now my dream is to work somewhere in Chicago!

Our most recent tour in Holland allowed me to network and build relationships that could help me in the future. I asked questions about building my portfolio and finding a great environment to work in. I also got to look into this year’s trends and see a couple of the projects they have been working on. All the agencies were super welcoming and nice. They asked everyone what their majors were, which allowed them to discuss things that would be helpful and interesting for different students’ futures. They also answered random questions like what all of the posters on their walls meant, and one agency even discussed where their dog works (Calvin from Two Fish works as the “barketing” director!) 

Going on agency tours allows you to create connections and hunt for internships. Most of the agencies we visited said they are always open to having interns. The people involved with Ad Club and who have previously networked with the agency will most likely have a better chance of getting an internship. (Wink wink!) Overall, Ad Club has given me so many great opportunities and insights into what I want to do in my future and who I want to work with.

By: Selena Alvarado


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