What makes a valuable employee? Navigating jobs after college with Derek Arguello

This Thursday at Ad Club we will be hearing from Derek Arguello, GVSU alum and Marketing Communications Manager at Microsoft. In preparation for this week’s conversation, Derek went to LinkedIn and asked what marketing students wanted to know about the industry. He landed on the topic of what makes a valuable employee and more on navigating jobs after graduation.

At our meeting this week, Derek will be talking about barriers students face as they transition to professional life, fears about first jobs, expectations vs reality, what makes a valuable employee, and tools and tips to prepare for that first job after graduation.

“Nobody expects you to know everything, they do expect you to learn,” said Derek. He also mentioned how pay is a big stressor, being that it is not often talked about. As a result, the students coming into the field are unsure of what to expect. Derek will touch on this topic through things like creating a baseline salary for yourself, resources to use, and how to negotiate pay. Other highlights are finding your role in a team, handling imposter syndrome, preparing for the future, creating relationships at work (including remotely), and tips to keep in mind when it comes time to find that first big job.

Come hear Derek talk about navigating professional life after college, teach how to create a baseline salary for yourself, and discuss resources for negotiating pay in LOH room 174 at 6:00 pm this Thursday, December 8. Or, join us on Zoom at the link posted on our socials. We hope to see you there and look forward to learning from Derek!

P.S. there will be cookies!!!


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