Finals Week: Tips & Tricks to Prevent Burnout

By: Jess Hubbard

Finals week is the one thing college students look forward to every year (said no one ever)! Luckily for me as a senior in college, I have taken many exams, written extensive research papers and presented numerous group projects! Over the years I have learned the best ways to get over a funk and prevent burn out! Here are some useful tips you can use during exam cram:

Tip #1: Find what studying tactics work best for you!

Everybody has different studying habits but you have to ask yourself the question: are they actually working for YOU? Whether it’s rewriting your information or setting up a quizlet, you need to find the easiest, most effective ways to prioritize the little time you have to study!

Tip #2: Find a Prime Study Location!

I hate to break it to you but there will hardly be any room at the library! Finding other places to get work done like finding a study room in your apartment complex or going to a coffee shop are great ways to have a change of scenery! My favorite place to study is at Starbucks since you are surrounded by people getting school work done or companies have work meetings. This helps you stay motivated and focused since others are being productive around you!

Tip #3: Make a Study Group!

Let’s face it! School can be really stressful! Making group chats in each class at the beginning of the semester has personally helped me when I needed to ask questions about an assignment or if I wanted a study buddy. Study groups is a fun and extremely valuable way to study since it helps you collaborate with each other and overall boosts your confidence going into the exam!

Tip #4: Stay Focused!

It is important to remove yourself from any and all distractions to help keep your mind on track! Putting your phone on do not disturb and away from your reach has personally helped me from being tempted by constant notifications and prevents me from scrolling on social media every five minutes!

Tip #5: Take Breaks!

During this stressful time, you need to constantly keep your mind fresh by taking ‘brain breaks’! This helps you maintain a fresh and focused mind! Many studies have shown that taking a 10-15 minute break after a 30 minute block of studying has drastically improved college students’ examination scores!

Finals are a stressful time for everyone so please take care of yourself during this time! Your mental and physical health are always your main priority over school!  There are plenty of GVSU test-taking resources from the Student Academic Center that can help you study for finals! Check them out here!

Advertising Club wants to wish you the best of luck on your finals!


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