How Being in the Ad Club Gave Me a Leg Up

Being a student in the competitive marketing and advertising field can be scary. In a competitive field, it is important to do things that will help you gain experience, a unique opportunity to stand out on your resume, and build connections with your peers and professionals. It might seem overwhelming at first, but I have learned a few tips that have helped me get my foot in the door of the professional industry.

I’m Megan Glynn, a senior Advertising and PR major at GVSU, and your Ad Club Event Director. To share some background on my time at GVSU, I began my freshman year as an Art major. I got into the Art program and studied there for a year before switching to Advertising, where I found the perfect blend of creativity, collaboration, and strategy. Being that my freshman year was also cut short in March of 2020 when we were sent home because of COVID, I studied my first year as an Ad major from home. When we came back to campus in 2021, I had established a passion for advertising and decided that I wanted to do everything possible to get myself ahead. While prioritizing school was a part of that, so was joining Ad Club.

When I joined Ad Club, I immediately shared interest in joining the E-Board, as well. I shared the Event Director position for a year before taking over for the 22-23 school year. Being in the club allowed me to connect with the professionals visiting, learn about different jobs in the field (gaining a sense of which I would or wouldn’t like after graduation), and become comfortable talking with my peers and professionals. It allowed me to see what advertising agencies are like and expand my network on LinkedIn. Being the Event Director, I also have a unique experience to connect with professionals by simply talking about Ad Club, whether or not they come speak with us.

Ad Club has also brought me job opportunities, friendships, and drive to constantly learn more about the industry. I reached out to Seth Henderson, graphic designer at the Grand Rapids Symphony (unknowing of his awesome experience at MARVEL), who came to our Speed Mentoring event and ultimately landed me my first internship at the Symphony. I have built friendships with members of the club and E-Board, and gained knowledge that has helped me perform at internships, NSAC, and more. 

Moral of the story is: JOIN AD CLUB. It will only help you. But, here’s the bullet points to recap:

  • Join Ad Club
  • Prioritize being a good student
    • Your health, family, and friends still come first
  • Build connections
    • They lead to great advice (and jobs)
  • Join NSAC if you get the opportunity!

If anything, you get to spend time with the one and only Robin Spring. So, visit our socials to learn more about Ad Club, and join us this Thursday for speaker Jenna Young!

By: Megan Glynn


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