Join the E-Board!

Looking to join the E-Board? Whether you’re new to Ad Club or have been a member for years, we would like to welcome anyone to join! Being a part of the club has many benefits including meeting new people, building important connections that could lead to internship and job opportunities, and learning more about the advertising industry in general. Joining the board would provide even more benefits and opportunities. You get to add it to your resume, which will make you stand out from other students. You also get to be a part of an incredible team that will help you whenever you need it. 

Let’s take a look at some of the jobs you can apply for!

President- The President runs all of the meetings and fills out all of the forms that are needed from student life to keep the club running. You also manage Ad Club’s Laker Link, Slack, and Google Drive. You get to create all of the fun presentations that you see at the meetings. Your main goal is to make sure everyone feels included, safe, and enjoys being a part of the club!

Current President: Selena Alvarado

Vice President- The Vice President is like a “right-hand man” for the President! You help other chair holders understand/help with any priorities or tasks that need to get done, and review and edit work such as newsletters, blogs and social media posts. The Vice President is also the risk manager if any conflicts or issues arise! 

Current Vice President: Jess Hubbard –

Events Director-  The Events Director reaches out to professionals in the area and coordinates events like speakers, speed mentoring, and tours. It’s a lot of communication and organizing with the pros!

Current Events Director: Megan Glynn –

Communications Director- The Communications Director runs all of the social media pages, handles and answers direct messages, and does a little bit of copywriting. You write all of the captions for the Instagram stories and any social media captions for posts that we put out. You should also respond to comments and try to make Ad Club an online community as well as an in-person one!

Current Communications Directors:  Peyton Lock –
Sydney Murley-

Treasurer- The Treasurer handles the Club’s finances. This means setting up the accounts and monitoring them, making sure that eBoard members get reimbursed for things they might buy for Ad Club, and working closely with Membership to track dues.

Current Treasurer: Peyton Lock – 

Graphic Designer- Graphic design really entails just making sure all of our meetings and events get communicated on social media and the newsletters through graphics. We have a specific style we follow with brand colors and fonts, so it is easy to do! You can implement your own creative freedom with each meeting description and mock it up how you think it would look good visually. Adobe Creative Suites is preferred because that is what past graphic designers have used to do designs but other softwares, like Canva, work as well.

Current Graphic Designer: Grace Pols –

Membership Director- Membership is a lot about generating ideas on how to make the club look appealing and inviting to new members. You do a lot with writing newsletters, attending social events, and anything you come up with to generate club exposure.

Current Membership Director: Anthony Chavira –

Blogger- Being the Main Blogger means that you get to write all of the blogs for the Club! Is there a certain time period or topic you would like to dive into more that’s related to school or advertising? As the main blogger, you get to dig deeper into these topics and share your research and knowledge. It’s a super fun job that you will enjoy if you love writing!

Current Blogger: Grace Seymour –

Some of the Current Executive Board’s Experiences and Advice

Selena- I not only get to make connections with professionals but with all of the students. I’m the first person they hear from or talk to at any of the meetings which is my favorite part! I won’t lie, I also love how it looks on my resume. Saying I have leadership experience has gotten me many jobs in not only my career field but traditional management jobs while being in college. I have gained so much knowledge and experience from being the President, I don’t regret any choices or wish I would’ve spent my time any other way. 

Grace S.- I have only been a part of Ad Club for a year but the experiences and skills I’ve acquired from being a part of the board have helped me in so many different aspects of my life. Going to all of the meetings and feeling a part of something bigger than myself has been such an amazing experience. 

Apply here to become a part of the board. If you have any questions or concerns, you can email whoever currently holds the position you’re looking into. We look forward to having you join!

By: Grace Seymour


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