The Unclear Future of TikTok and its Advertising

By Richard Doyle Tik Tok is one of the fastest growing social networking applications ever made, sitting with over 2 billion users and receiving more downloads in a quarter than any other app in history. However, it could all soon come to an end as the app has been banned in India, Indonesia (temporarily), and... Continue Reading →

Apple Ends the IDFA: Challenging the Status-Quo

By Richard Doyle Apple is challenging the status-quo of the ad industry, and it’s going to have massive impacts.  It killed the IDFA. What is the IDFA? It stands for “Identifiers for Advertisers” and it was a tool that monitored iOS users’ data to sell to advertisers in order to analyze their ads and make... Continue Reading →

Packaging In a Nutshell

The packaging of a product is one of the most important factors that go into the marketing of a product, yet most of the time the attention and praise go towards the commercials or social media campaigns. Here are some reasons to make you consider how much packaging plays a role in advertising.   1.... Continue Reading →

In-House vs. Agency – What Suits You?

By: Jessica Prestigiacomo So, you want to work in the advertising industry? But do you know what kinds of employers you want to work for? Let’s make it simple. There are two different types of advertising employers you can work for: in-house and agency. Each comes with potential positives and negatives, depending on your preferences.  ... Continue Reading →

Grand Valley’s NSAC Team is Going to Nationals!

It’s with great excitement to announce that our very own Grand Valley NSAC team will be heading to the National Competition! After placing first in their district, then sailing through the semi-finals, they now go on to compete one final time against the seven other finalists in the nation. Let’s congratulate them on their victories,... Continue Reading →

Really… Bad… Ads…

By Ryan Baldwin Every advertisement can show us the right and wrong way to reach a campaign’s goal. It’s crucial we study and understand how certain advertisements have succeeded to know what’s effective. It’s also important to learn the ways professionals do their jobs, so we can implement the same skills into our future careers.... Continue Reading →

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