Resume Tips and Tricks

By Danielle Talbot Did you know recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume? That’s why it has to be captivating, yet relevant. It says a lot about you and what you can bring to a particular company. It can be scary thinking about whether your resume will catch the eye of an... Continue Reading →

Advertising Club’s LinkedIn Workshop

By Meg Scott On Tuesday, February 13, GVSU's Advertising Club hosted a LinkedIn Workshop for students of any major looking to gain further knowledge of the professional platform. LinkedIn is a free social networking service great for students to showcase their work, skills, and experience. The platform serves as a network providing endless opportunities for... Continue Reading →

Top 5 2018 Super Bowl Commercials

By Courtney Lang Approximately 111.3 million people watched the 2018 Super Bowl. Of those millions of people, I would not be surprised if a majority of them were more excited to see the commercials than the actual game. Well, at least all of the advertising and public relations professionals were.  Victoria Walenga tweeted, “I only... Continue Reading →

Six-Second Advertisements

By Evan LaVigne The six-second video format was fairly uncommon just a couple of years ago. Yet, with cultural phenomenon such as Vine, that ballooned up to hundreds of millions of users at its peak, introduced the world to a new format for creativity. Six seconds pushed people to create engaging content that catered to a... Continue Reading →

From the Classroom to an Agency

By Hailey Kilbarger As students, we often wonder how the things we are learning in class are going to help us once we enter the actual workforce. Sure we study “real-world” examples and create campaigns for real products, but when it comes to actually working full-time, there seems to be an ominous fog between the... Continue Reading →

Top Ads of 2017

By Evan LaVigne As with most years, 2017 was filled with advertisements that impacted people's lives by pulling at both their heartstrings and checkbooks. From clever campaigns that sent products flying off shelves to tear-jerkers that generated some real social change across the nation’s landscape, this past year seemed to have it all. As we... Continue Reading →

And The ADDY Goes To…

By Hailey Kilbarger This past Tuesday, a group of advertising students and a group of graphic design students came together to put their creativity to the test. Pam Patton, president of the American Advertising Federation of West Michigan, came out to tell us how to enter the ADDYs and how it could change our lives.... Continue Reading →

DVS: A Digital ADventure

By Meg Scott Ad Club recently took a trip to DVS, which is a full-service Digital Marketing Communications Agency with a strong focus on Design + Innovation. It began serving Grand Rapids in 1993.    Members were welcomed with refreshments and snacks once they arrived, having the opportunity to mingle and explore the office all... Continue Reading →

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