The Best of Easter Campaigns

When it comes to any major holiday, advertisers are always going to find ways to fit their product into the theme of the holiday. People often think of chocolate, eggs, and the famous Easter bunny when it comes to Easter. These are essential themes for most advertisements during this time of the year, and it's... Continue Reading →

Join the E-Board!

Looking to join the E-Board? Whether you’re new to Ad Club or have been a member for years, we would like to welcome anyone to join! Being a part of the club has many benefits including meeting new people, building important connections that could lead to internship and job opportunities, and learning more about the... Continue Reading →

How Being in the Ad Club Gave Me a Leg Up

Being a student in the competitive marketing and advertising field can be scary. In a competitive field, it is important to do things that will help you gain experience, a unique opportunity to stand out on your resume, and build connections with your peers and professionals. It might seem overwhelming at first, but I have... Continue Reading →

Ad Campaigns I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving is over, but it’s not too late to look at some of the best Thanksgiving ad campaigns from over the years. Thanksgiving is the one time of year when you can eat as much food as your heart desires without feeling guilty. You might decide to go for the mashed potatoes or even go... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk: Internships

Let’s talk. Having college come to a fast close is hard. Like, really hard. I’m about 5 months out from having to figure out my post-grad plans. It doesn’t help that oftentimes we aren’t sure what to expect of a full-time job. This is where internships can be extremely helpful. In the Grand Valley Ad/PR... Continue Reading →

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