Sneak Peek for this Week – Adam Rice!

By Selena Alvarado For our next meeting this Thursday we will be joined by Adam Rice, Design Director at Wit and Craft! Let's take a sneak peek into what we have in store for the meeting and see what we can expect to learn more about. I'm sure you're familiar with the roles of creative... Continue Reading →

How to Level Up Your Advertising This Spooky Season

Consumers spent $8.05 billion on Halloween last year and are expected to spend $10.14 billion this year. If you’re not spookifying your ads this fall, chances are you’ve been asleep as long as Dracula. So, how do you draw these ghouls and goon’s attention to your brand? All the best Holiday campaigns have the same... Continue Reading →

Influence, Advertising, or Both?

Scroll, pause, scroll, pause. As we know our world today, we are blinded by the ads our social media and networks present us with. The more we scroll, the more advertising we see. We may think we know exactly when we see advertisements on our socials or when something is trying to be sold to... Continue Reading →

“Why I Love Advertising”

By Robin Spring “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  Einstein may or may not have said this, but no matter.  The saying encapsulates what I love about advertising. It’s zesty. It’s piquant. It’s energetic. Advertising integrates right brain, left brain thinking.  Problem solving at its best.  Advertising marries individual cogitation and radical collaboration.  It’s art.  It’s... Continue Reading →

The Basics of Great Strategy

What is strategy exactly?             Think of strategy as the backbone of your advertising campaign, holding all of the pieces together. It is how you are going to achieve your core objectives, which is why you need a sold idea of what strategy approaches you will include, in order for your tactics, and creatives to... Continue Reading →

Tokyo 2020: The Branding Stuck in Time

As you all might know or guess, the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics were postponed due to the pandemic. This brings up an interesting question though. How are they handling that? The Olympics are a very important event for any city hosting it, they predicted it would bring the city of Tokyo $2 billion alone! Not... Continue Reading →

Advertising Around The World: Japan

The weird, the wacky, the outright random. When it comes to advertising, Japan is a relic. Many Westerners are familiar with this country’s way of advertising, but rarely understand it—and that’s not just because of the language barrier. Japanese advertisements are used to having the viral spotlight because of their strange storylines, exaggerated expressions, and... Continue Reading →

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