Apple Ends the IDFA: Challenging the Status-Quo

By Richard Doyle Apple is challenging the status-quo of the ad industry, and it’s going to have massive impacts.  It killed the IDFA. What is the IDFA? It stands for “Identifiers for Advertisers” and it was a tool that monitored iOS users’ data to sell to advertisers in order to analyze their ads and make... Continue Reading →

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Podcast – The Next Big Thing in Advertising

By Richard Doyle Podcasts companies are growing, and sparing no expenses  Spotify has been making a lot of big plays in building up its podcast platform. As you’ve probably heard they made an exclusive deal for Joe Rogan’s podcast in May, for a rumored $100 million dollars. Last week Spotify has yet again continued its... Continue Reading →

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Agency Overviews – FreshWater Digital

By Rachel Cramer Life changes fast, and so should your signage. Companies are always updating their signs, billboards, tags, in store posters, brand, ads and customer interaction methods. In today's world trends can change in a day's time, and the consumers needs and wants along with them. But how fast can you take down and... Continue Reading →

Agency Overview – LEAD Marketing

By Micah Hill LEAD Marketing This week we shift the spotlight to LEAD Marketing, a Grand Rapids-based full service marketing agency, featuring a short email interview with LEAD’s Social Media Manager Morgan Shaffer. Morgan graduated from GVSU with Bachelors in Communications Studies and Advertising + Public Relations. She has been with LEAD for a year... Continue Reading →

Agency Overview – Blue Flame Thinking

Written by Jessica Prestigiacomo Following LaFleur Marketing, our next stop is Blue Flame Thinking! Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Blue Flame Thinking is a marketing agency that “helps financial and manufacturing brands in the B2B2C space solve their toughest marketing problems” (BFT, 2020). This agency uses integrated marketing and traditional marketing services to help effectively... Continue Reading →

Agency Overview – LaFleur Marketing

(GV Advertising Club does not own this image .) By Ryan Baldwin Up next in the Agency Overview is LaFleur Marketing! A digital marketing company based in Grand Rapids. Just like other agencies, they are hired by outside companies to assist them with their advertising and marketing needs. However, LaFleur Marketing likes to take a... Continue Reading →

Agency Overview – Th3rd Coast

By Richard Doyle Welcome to another series here at the GVSU Advertising Club, this time we will be going over a few different agencies, both in the Grand Rapids are and the world! To start it off we're going to be taking a look at Th3rd Coast Digital Solutions! Who is Th3rd Coast? Th3rd Coast... Continue Reading →

Advolution – The Printing Press

By Richard Doyle The next part of the Advlotuion series is here! Last time we saw some of the first examples of advertising back in Ancient Rome, this time we will be looking at the creation of the printing press and how it revolutionized advertising!  The printing press was invented in 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg,... Continue Reading →

Packaging In a Nutshell

The packaging of a product is one of the most important factors that go into the marketing of a product, yet most of the time the attention and praise go towards the commercials or social media campaigns. Here are some reasons to make you consider how much packaging plays a role in advertising.   1.... Continue Reading →

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