Advertising Around the World: Spain

¡Bienvenidos a España! Are you curious to know what ads are like in Spain? This is your chance. You would think that the same tactics as the United States would apply, but the differences in culture, consumer behavior, and digital trends are what make advertising in Spain so unique.  As of 2019, the population of... Continue Reading →

Advertising Around The World: American Ad Industry in 2020

As much as we may want to cast 2020 from our memories, the years’ troubles came with just as many important trends, and the advertising industry would be wise to keep them in mind as this year unfolds. Now that the dust has mostly settled on our now out of date calendars, let’s take a... Continue Reading →

Ads We LV: Super Bowl LV

It's Christmas time in ad-land. Millions gathering their friends and family, sodas, seltzers and snacks galore to the hallowed TV temple or bar of choice. Poised for attention and primed with alcohol, nearly a third of America will spend the evening of February 7th indulging in the most anticipated game of the year. But trust... Continue Reading →

Advertising Across the World: Africa

How do we advertise in new lands? What does it take to make sharp and successful campaigns for towns whose name you don't know how to pronounce yet? Welcome to GVSU Advertising Club’s new blog series, Advertising Around The World, where we take a look at advertising and marketing in different parts of the globe!... Continue Reading →

Enter the 2021 Addy Awards!

Do you want to step up your game? Put your advertising skills to the test? Prepare yourself for an internship or your first job? Then consider entering the Addy's! The American Advertising Awards, also known as Addy's, is an annual nation wide advertising competition dedicated to acknowledging various creations in the advertising industry. They have... Continue Reading →

Ad Club – A Year In Review

We had an absolute blast here at Ad Club this past semester, with having guest from all over the world join us and engage in a discussion about the industry. We all learned valuable advice, networked, and just had fun! This has been one of the most important times for advertising, so we were so... Continue Reading →

Derek Walker joins us, sneak peek.

This Thursday we will have the pleasure to hear from Derek Walker, founder of Brown and Browner. Derek is going to be talking about the ad industry, it's history, and it's future. In this blog we're going to learn a little more about Derek and get an idea of what he'll be discussing this Thursday.... Continue Reading →

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