“The reptilian brain always wins.” ~ Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille GVSU Advertising Club is hosting a jaw dropping speaker this Thursday night, April 7 at 6:00 PM.  Dr. G. Clotaire Rapaille is a psychologist & expert on consumer behavior and he will be discussing advertising, consumer behavior and the digital future.  His talk will be... Continue Reading →

NSAC: A Student Perspective

I started getting intrigued by the National Student Advertising Competition from Robin Spring, when she talked about it in February 2021 during an Advertising Club executive board meeting. Everyone on the team that was also on the executive board was encouraging everyone to get involved and be a part of it! I honestly had no idea... Continue Reading →

Why Peyton chose AD/PR!

Why did I choose Ad/PR? Well, to say it was an easy choice for me would be stretching the truth. I was undecided for my freshman and sophomore year before being required (by my father) to finally make a decision. During this time in my first two years, I tossed back different majors in my... Continue Reading →

Influence, Advertising, or Both?

Scroll, pause, scroll, pause. As we know our world today, we are blinded by the ads our social media and networks present us with. The more we scroll, the more advertising we see. We may think we know exactly when we see advertisements on our socials or when something is trying to be sold to... Continue Reading →

“Why I Love Advertising”

By Robin Spring “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”  Einstein may or may not have said this, but no matter.  The saying encapsulates what I love about advertising. It’s zesty. It’s piquant. It’s energetic. Advertising integrates right brain, left brain thinking.  Problem solving at its best.  Advertising marries individual cogitation and radical collaboration.  It’s art.  It’s... Continue Reading →

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