Recap of Our Meeting with Jeff Joanisse

By: Ryan Baldwin At our last meeting, we were honored to host Jeff Joanisse, the founder and creative director of Th3rd Coast. Jeff has a unique view of advertisements. Clients hire Th3rd Coast to make augmented and virtual reality experiences. Their products range from interactive advertisements to developing training programs for XR experiences. A main... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Jeff Joanisse

By: Griffin Platto This Thursday, we have the exciting opportunity of welcoming Jeff Joanisse to Room 176 in Lake Ontario Hall. For a brief introduction, Jeff Joanisse is the co-founder, creative director, and executive producer at Th3rd Coast in Grand Haven. To prepare for the meeting, take a look at some of the questions I... Continue Reading →

Super Bowl Debrief

By: Griffin Platto So, you've had two weeks to think about the Super Bowl. From the duds to the heartwarming ones to the funniest you've ever seen, now it's time to figure out where they land in the best of the night. Is it Baby Nut? Or what about the Google ad? With the budget... Continue Reading →

Advolution – Ancient Rome!

(Graphic Credit: Selena Alvarado) By: Richard Doyle Welcome to the start of a brand new series - Advolution! We'll be looking back at all sorts of advertising throughout history. All the way from Ancient Rome to the modern day! You can see how it's evolved over time, but also see how it's remained the exact... Continue Reading →

Professor Panel Recap

By: Ryan Baldwin Last night during our Professor Panel, we were able to gain insights from our very own GVSU professors on how they view the world of advertising. One big takeaway from the event was hearing about their journey into the world of advertising and public relations. There were two common themes of how... Continue Reading →

Professor Panel

By: Griffin Platto Ever wonder what professors do in their free time? Or, what type of jobs they've had in the industry? Our Professor Panel is the perfect time to get some answers. We have a powerhouse of a panel eager to give a little bit about what they know, what they've done, and how... Continue Reading →

Ben Kaluski: The Business Side of Advertising

By: Griffin Platto Welcome back, members! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break. As we are all getting back into the swing of new classes, new professors, and new books to buy, one thing remains true—a great Advertising Club meeting is happening this Thursday with Mr. Ben Kaluski from Freshwater Digital. Freshwater Digital is... Continue Reading →

What’s In-Store for Jake Moore

By: Griffin Platto Talk about a finale— the great Jake Moore is here to end our semester with a branding bang! As our last meeting, this is a way to go out in style! As a GVSU alumnus, Jake Moore will give you some reassuring insights into his many, many experiences in the advertising world. ... Continue Reading →

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