THIS FRIDAY: Holland Agency Tours!

On Friday, October 14, GV Ad Club will be spending the day touring advertising agencies in Holland. On our day trip, we will be making stops at Boileau & Co., Next Creative Co., and 2 Fish Company. We will also be having lunch at City Deli, a delicious local eats spot!  Visiting advertising agencies can... Continue Reading →

Get Ready for Campus Life Night!

Are you ready to get back to school? Summer is coming to a close, which means that it’s time to prepare ourselves for this upcoming schoolyear. Taking classes can be stressful, so it’s important to find activities and clubs that you truly enjoy being a part of.  On August 28th from 6-8 pm, Grand Valley... Continue Reading →

The Basics of Great Strategy

What is strategy exactly?             Think of strategy as the backbone of your advertising campaign, holding all of the pieces together. It is how you are going to achieve your core objectives, which is why you need a sold idea of what strategy approaches you will include, in order for your tactics, and creatives to... Continue Reading →

Advertising Around The World: Japan

The weird, the wacky, the outright random. When it comes to advertising, Japan is a relic. Many Westerners are familiar with this country’s way of advertising, but rarely understand it—and that’s not just because of the language barrier. Japanese advertisements are used to having the viral spotlight because of their strange storylines, exaggerated expressions, and... Continue Reading →

Advertising Across the World: Africa

How do we advertise in new lands? What does it take to make sharp and successful campaigns for towns whose name you don't know how to pronounce yet? Welcome to GVSU Advertising Club’s new blog series, Advertising Around The World, where we take a look at advertising and marketing in different parts of the globe!... Continue Reading →

Advolution – The Printing Press

By Richard Doyle The next part of the Advlotuion series is here! Last time we saw some of the first examples of advertising back in Ancient Rome, this time we will be looking at the creation of the printing press and how it revolutionized advertising!  The printing press was invented in 1440 by Johannes Gutenberg,... Continue Reading →

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