Meet The Board! 2019-2020

President – Nikki Schroeder

Nikki SchroederNikki is going into her senior year at GVSU, seeking a degree in Advertising & PR with a minor in Studio Art. This is Nikki’s second year on the board, and she is also involved with Grand Valley’s NSAC team. After graduation, Nikki hopes to work for a small ad agency working in a copywriting or media strategist role. In her free time, she enjoys running, crafting, and spending time outdoors!



Vice-President & Treasurer- Chance Rusniak

Chance RusniakChance Rusniak is a Senior studying Advertising and Psychology at GV. He is interested in how people view advertisements and how advertisements affect the consumer. He enjoys having a good time in the wondrous world that is Advertising! In his free time, he likes to play video games, hang out with friends, and to eat some good food.




Co-Events Director- Jessica Prestigiacomo

Jessica P

Jessica Prestigiacomo is a junior at Grand Valley State University, studying Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Business. She has a huge passion for the field of advertising and loves the freedom that advertising offers! She considers herself creative and innovative making advertising her favorite form of expression. Outside of Ad Club, Jessica spends her time going to the gym, hanging with friends, and visit downtown Grand Rapids!


Communications Director and Secretary – Maggie McEvilly

Maggie McEvilly

Maggie McEvilly is a junior at GVSU. She is majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and minoring in Digital Studies. She loves the individuality and creativity that advertising has to offer as it balances her outgoing personality. This is Maggie’s first year on the executive board as Communications and Secretary. When Maggie isn’t involved with Ad Club she is spending time with her friends and family and taking any time she can to travel both within and outside of the United States.


Creative Communications – Zac Kuchar

Screenshot (107)

Zac is a senior at GVSU studying Advertising & PR with a minor in Photography. A member of GVSU’s NSAC team, a marketing photographer and strategist for the GVSU Laker Store, and a social media manager for Howling Timbers Animal Sanctuary, Zac has roles in many parts of advertising (a Zac of all trades if you will). He plans to start in a smaller ad agency focusing on the creative and strategy side of the job and seeing where that takes him. In his free time, Zac likes to go to local rock shows (taking photos when he can), volunteer at Howling Timbers, and play games with friends.

Copywriting/Blogging and Co-Events Director – Griffin Platto

Griffin Platto

Griffin Platto is a senior at GVSU studying Communication Studies with a minor in Advertising. This is Griffin’s second year involved in Ad Club, but his first as an E-Board member. Much of what gravitates Griffin to advertising is the merging of the advertiser’s and brand’s voice. In a future profession, Griffin sees himself as a copywriter for an advertising agency. Three activities that make the highlights for his free-time: skateboarding, video games, and talking about movies.


Co-Graphic Design Chair – Steven Bacon

Screenshot (103)

In his fourth year at GVSU studying Graphic Design with a minor in advertising and public relations, Steven uses his creative skills and knowledge of design to help contribute to the graphics of the Advertising Club. As well, Steven uses his positive attitude and insight to establish a fun yet productive environment for the club! Need any creative insight? Ask Steven!



Co-Graphic Design Chair – Selena Alvarado

Screenshot (105)

Selena Alvarado is a freshman at GVSU studying Graphic Design, with a minor in Advertising and Public Relations. This is her first year in Ad Club and on the E-Board. After graduation, she hopes to become a graphic designer and focus specifically on packaging as that is an area that engages her the most in marketing. She loves to eat lots of candy, make all sorts of arts and crafts, play her Nintendo switch, and listen to music.


Co-Membership Chair – Richie Doyle

Screenshot (109)

Richie Doyle is a Junior at GVSU, studying Marketing. This is Richie’s second year in Ad Club and on the E-Board. After graduation, he plans on doing advertising in an in-house company, and eventually more broadly, marketing. One of the biggest reasons Richie is engaged by advertising is its ability to transform small companies into fortune 500 corporations through branding and marketing innovation, rather than financial restructuring. Outside of school, he loves movies, video games, and cooking.

Co-Membership Chair – Ryan Baldwin

Screenshot (111)

Ryan Baldwin is currently a Junior at Grand Valley State University, where he is studying Advertising and Public Relations while double minoring in Anthropology and Mathematical Statistics. This is Ryan’s first year in Ad Club, and his first year on the board. He is interested in the research and analytical side of advertisement. After graduating he hopes to work for a large firm that has clients throughout the world. As of now he enjoys traveling, working out, and hiking.


Faculty Advisor – Robin Spring

Robin SpringProfessor Spring’s professional work in radio, television, print, and agency provide her with multi-faceted experiences in advertising and public relations. Her professional work has taken her from Michigan, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Texas and back again. Practical knowledge of client relations, strategic planning, creative campaigns, copywriting, sponsorships, partnerships, special events, celebrity promotions, media relations, sales, fundraising, and integrated marketing communications in various cultures and professional teams translate well in the Ad/PR courses she teaches.